The FFBB reacts to the signing of Thomas Heurtel in Russia

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In a press release, the French Basketball Federation (FFBB) confirmed that Thomas Heurtel would no longer be eligible for the France national team if he played a game with Zénith Saint-Petersburg.

After the formalization of the signature of Thomas Heurtel at the Zenith Saint Petersburgwhen he had signed a certificate promising not to join a Russian or Belarusian club, the French Basketball Federation (FFBB) reacted in a press release sent to the media and only otherwise accessible. for a link. The FFBB claims not to have been ” informed that a contract had been signed or was in the process of being signed with a Russian club “and confirms that in case of playing a match with Zénith, ” the playmaker would no longer meet the selection criteria for upcoming international events, including the 2024 Olympics“. What to definitely take away from the national team since in 2024 the Agathois will be 34 years old.

The French Basketball Federation (FFBB) learned through Twitter that the Zenith Saint Petersburg club in Russia had announced the signing of Thomas HEURTEL, for a one-year contract with an optional additional year.

Although the FFBB was informed that Thomas HEURTEL had contacts with foreign clubs, including Russian ones, at no time was he informed that he had signed or was in the process of signing a contract with a Russian club.

The player had signed the affidavit at the start of the French team’s training camp at the end of July, indicating that he was not committed and that he did not intend to sign for a Russian or Belarusian club.

If Thomas HEURTEL were to play for the Zénith club, this commitment would not be respected, the midfielder would no longer respect the selection criteria for the next international deadlines, including the 2024 Olympic Games, in accordance with the decision made by the Federal Office on 28 July.


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