The FFF responds to Amnesty International

The 2018 world champion nation was criticized a few months ago for its “silence” on human rights in Qatar. The organization Amnesty International had sent a letter directly to the French team. so that the voice of the world champions is heard, in particular on working conditions. The French Football Federation ended up publishing a press release on this subject. He acknowledges the work of the NGO and respects its position regarding the organization of the World Cup in Qatar (November 20-December 18), while affirming that it has already brought elements from the past on the issue of human rights. .

What’s next after this announcement?

“Amnesty International is an admirable organization that we respect. Of course it is free to support Denmark and not France. However, the FFF deplores this campaign of stigmatization. The FFF and the French team are free to express themselves or not. They did not wait for the next World Cup in Qatar to defend human rights on a daily basis, on the ground and at their level, as well as other essential causes. Regarding precisely the World Cup in Qatar, the position of the FFF is very clear: participating does not mean turning a blind eye and endorsing. However, the organization of this World Cup has allowed a social progress in Qatar that even certain NGOs recognize, including Amnesty International. Even if the reality on the ground is not perfect, this progress is undeniable and positive. The FFF is and will continue to be very attentive to respect for human rights in Qatar. She just made the decision to act firmly but calmly and respectfully on the ground rather than make an image campaign of it. Thus, it has implemented various verification measures on the respect of social rights and the application of respectful working conditions in the base camp of the French team. The FFF is also actively involved and committed to a series of projects together with other federations that involve, for example, the possibility of creating a reception center for migrant workers and the creation of a compensation fund. The FFF does not neglect the symbolic action of raising awareness among decision makers and public opinion. The France team wore a One Love bracelet for diversity against Austria and will also wear it against Denmark in support of the defense of LGBTQ+ rights. Other actions to come are part of a series of commitments that the FFF and the French team will claim with other nations on their side. »

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