The first crop of Too Dern Hot in Arkana hit the market

Next week, Darley’s first anniversary by a double champion very hot (GB) The Arkana will be offered for sale in the August Earling Sale. From the deep family of the triple Group 1-winning mare out of Dar Re Mi (GB) (Singspiel {Ireland), expectations were always going to be high for Too Darn Hot – the sire’s son from Saar Dubawi (Ireland). Fantastic Sir Darshan (GB). An undefeated champion in two, who repeated as champion in three, also achieved the best foal sales average of 2021.

But uniquely, it will require observers to take careful note of their annual performance in the ring not only in Europe, but also in many Americas, where breeders and investors are paying attention to the traits that make for a successful sire in the New World as well. make. as old.

The first day of sale in the Arcana Group on Saturday, August 13 includes the sale of four Phillies: Lot 3 to Ballylinch StudOne filly from Graded-Steak-Placed Janiceline (Ireland) (Beat Hollow {GB}); Lot 29 for the Ecurie des MonceauxListed and one of the group-located Lydia (Ireland) (Lope de Vega {Ireland}), from the family of Wooton Basset (GB); Lot 66 for Haras do CadranSecond falls from multiple-group stake winner Knight Music (Ger) (sea ​​the stars {Ireland}); Lot 90 to Monceaux, Group 1 winner Persian King (Ireland) and a filly from the family of Plantur (Ireland); and a colt on Monday, the second day of the sale; Baroda Study Lot 220Listed bets winners and multiple group bets are Bassett (Ireland) (Giant’s Causeway), and half-brother of Group 1 winner Beauty Parlor (GB) (Deep Impact {JPN}).

Bill Farish of Lens & Farms said he was so impressed by Too Darn Hot that he invested in the stallion upon his retirement.

“Too Darn Hot is a very exciting stallion for a number of reasons,” Farish said. “I think he’d do well here in America, mainly because he had so much speed. He was a seven furlong-to-a-mile Dubai, which is very rare. Usually, they’re the distance between stays.” And, being Mr. Prospector-line stallion, that really appeals to me for this market.”

American-based breeder Tanya Gunther said she had two marriages to Too Darn Hot in her first year at stud, and has since sent several back. “Smart Change was the first; she is the daughter of Smart Strike from the Without Parole family,” she said. “We thought with the momentum coming from Mr. Prospector and Smart Strike that this would be an interesting mating. The other mare was a nice, well-mannered mare that we felt would suit her physically as well as on paper.

Frankie Dettori celebrates the closing of the Darley Duhurst Stakes in Newmarket October 13, 2018 | Photo by Alan Crowhurst/Getty Images

“In two-year-olds, you can actually see a little ticket from Too Darn Hot. They’re very athletic right now. One is a late foal, but is super athletic and looks precocious. The other is a calf of the first and very tall, Tall, was just an extraordinary person. And the one thing I see in them both is a lot of class and quality, which got us very excited. We have sent a mare again, and this year also sent back some mares One of those mare is Westover (GB)’s half-sister (frankel {GB}), who had a great year so far, and people must have seen him on TV. That’s why we’re excited about the mares we produced from them and the offspring we have so far and are looking forward to the coming year.”

“I followed him very closely from his first race because we are close friends of Lloyd-Webbers and Simon Marsh,” Farish said, “so he was a horse I was particularly paying attention to.” And, being an undefeated 2-year-old Group 1-winning champion, and a champion in three, with his pedigree, he really checked so many boxes for us that we actually had a breeding ground in him when he retired. bought the right. That’s all we thought about him. And we rarely do that with European stallions.”

Lexington-based Bloodstock agent Mike Ryan has bred Too Darn Hot, and brought his same mare back to him for a second time.

“I’m upset with myself that I didn’t breed with her in her first year,” Ryan said. “I was sleeping at the wheel. I bred two mares in her second year. One miscarried, and I have a better calf than the other. She has gone mad for him. She has a foal and the mare who gave birth.” Having lost his colt he is also the colt for him.

Ryan said he liked what he saw on the track, as well as what he was seeing from his offspring.

“Too Darn Hot was a fantastic 2 year old,” he said. “He was undefeated in two, he showed a lot of speed, and he was a 2-year-old champion. He pushed his class and ability at age 3. He had a lot of speed, which we need in American racing. He had Had great tactical speed. You can put him in the race anywhere. He’s very picky King Man (GB): Great speed, great acceleration, fast-paced horse. and i hope he’s next King Man And we can go out there and buy something and continue breeding for it.”

Farish said, “The people I have seen look a lot like him. They are very typey, very attractive. Very attractive head and very perfect. I remember when she first bought the second dam, and she was very well prepared, very simple. And he’s more of a runner-miler than the rest of the family. But they all look great and are so perfect.”

“He’s a great looking horse,” Ryan said. “Beautiful quality, great size, exudes presence and class. And I understand that her kids are very, very nice, very much like her.”

Both American-based breeders said the initial support they received from the Watership Downs, who bred and propagated them, and from Darley, would prove critical to their success.

darley photo

“He stood on a high initial stud fee (£50,000 in year one and £45,000 in year two), and if he can stand up to that and consistently receive full books, it is a testament that he is there. How popular it is and how well Darley and Watership Down have supported him,” Farrish said. “He’s got every chance right now. You know, he has four books not only in the Northern Hemisphere, but down in Australia as well.”

“Too Darn Hot received tremendous support from both Godolphin and Watership Down, who bred and raced her,” agreed Ryan. “It is a huge leg up for a young horse to have the support of a mare like this, and it gives them every chance to be successful in their first and second harvests, which is hugely important. A lot a bit frankel And King ManJudmonte supported both of those stallions a lot. And we see the results today. They are the two top stallions in Europe. So you can’t do anything better than this. It depends on the horse whether he is able to do it or not.”

“Everybody always talks about checking all the boxes,” Farish said. “Well, he really checks all the boxes. He was a champion in two and three, he was fast, has a great pedigree. You can just go on and on about all of his qualifications and cover all those things.” Do the best you can for. And he really does.”

“I think he is one of the most exciting young stallions, not only in Europe, but in the world,” Ryan concluded. “He is born beautifully. He has a tremendous race record. He has every qualification you would see in a young horse. I think the sky is the limit for him.”

At 20, the race to find Dabvie’s heir is clearly on at the stud, and Gunther said that with any luck, Too Darn Hot could well fill that role.

“When we went to see him at the stud, when he retired from Darley, he was an impressive figure, especially in that he was after his father,” she said. “You like to see a little sir in your sons. I think the expectations will be high that Too Dern Hot could potentially be his successor.”

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