the government wants to ban temporary work for young carers

To practice on an interim basis, doctors, dentists, pharmacists, midwives and other health professionals must have “carried out their activity in another field for a minimum period”.

The Social Security budget for 2023, presented this Monday in the Council of Ministers, includes a measure of “interim regulation“aimed at young caregivers”out of school“, who will first have to practice as an employee or as a liberal”for a minimum period“. The Government thus intends to deal with a practice on the rise, whose cost jumped from 500 million euros in 2013 to more than 1,400 million in 2018, burdening hospital bills by the same amount while “destabilizing teamscare, indicates the Ministry of Health.

According to the bill consulted by AFP, temporary work companies will no longer be able, as of January 1, to provide health establishments with new caregivers. They must ensure that doctors, dentists, pharmacists, midwives and other health professionals, whose list will be established by decree, already have “exercised their activity in another context (…) for a minimum period“.

This duration will be negotiated“, specifies the ministry, which makes this restriction a “ethical question“, in the same way as the supervision of the rates of the medical intern. Enshrined in the law for almost seven years, this cap on remuneration is still not applied, despite a new text voted in 2021.The context of Covid did not allow us to deploy this measure», justifies the cabinet of Minister François Braun, who promises to put the issue back on the table quickly.

The health component of the National Refoundation Council, which will be launched on October 3, will thus have “intended to support the effective implementation» of these maximum rates.

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