The government wants to launch a new €50 bonus for inflation!

A new major in sight for public transport users. In fact, the executive intends to create a transport control for the most modest. This will be done as part of the fight against inflation, as with other aids. This transport check will have a value of 50 euros.

A transport check of 50 euros

We have been swimming since the beginning of the year in a period of more than worrying inflation. Prices continue to rise in all sectors. Before the surge of energy, the transport cost it is expected to increase further next year.

Bad news for users of public transport, especially for the most modest. That said, the government intends a gesture for some users. In fact, our colleagues at Le Parisien say that the executive would like to launch a transport voucher of 50 euros.

Which would not be a negative for the French who are struggling in the fight against inflation. The government would like to offer this bond as part of the finance bill 2023. We’ll know more about that next week.

A transport check for the most modest

In this fight againstinflationthey are french the most modest who are the most exposed. In addition to bills, rent and food, there is also the cost of public transportation.

The rest, the latter will rise again next year. Therefore, this new government bond will be welcome. However, this aid to offset inflation will not be for all public transport subscribers.

In fact, this transport check of 50 euros it will be only for the most modest. However, the middle classes, finally a part, could also benefit from it. At the moment, we still do not know anything about the exact number of beneficiaries.

Source: Pexel

According to a source familiar with the matter “everything will depend on whether we stop at the lower or upper middle class.” The source tells the Parisian that the arbitrations are not fully rendered yet.

The state will finance the check

This transport premium nor will it include TGV users. The only ones who will be able to opt for this transport bonus will be subscribers to daily transport (TER, Transilien, etc.).

It is important to specify that it is the State that directly finance the check. It is also the state that will distribute it. This will exempt regions from further charges. In fact, the regions already subsidize TER tickets up to 75%.

they are the ones have the management of said entries. Jean-Pierre Farandou, the head of the SNCF, confirmed last week the probable increase in the price of train tickets in 2023.

This, while the electricity bill from SNCF Voyageurs it is expected to increase from 1,600 to 1,700 million euros. Part of this sum (half) will refer to TER and Transilien. The other half will correspond to the TGV.

A timid measure compared to that of our neighbors

This measure, user associations I’ve been asking for it for many months. In addition, other European countries have already taken similar measures. That said, this bonus that the government wants to offer is timid compared to what our neighbors have deployed.

In fact, in Spain they started up, at the end of August, a device that you provide for free. Subscribers to regional and suburban public lines will be able to benefit from it for a period of four months.

This measure refers to local networks in peri-urban areas of large cities. Specifically those of Madrid, Barcelona, ​​​​Valencia or Seville. Also, if necessary, this measure could be extended beyond December 31.

Source: Pexel

The Spanish Government considers that this measure save up to 370 euros per person in Madrid. 330 euros in Barcelona while in the countryside inflation exceeds 10%.

A trip of 9 euros per month in Germany

In Germany, the Germans they could travel for 9 euros a month During three months. And this unlimited in local and regional networks. They implemented the measure between June and the end of August and the success was unprecedented.

They sold several million tickets during this period. Today, the government reflects on a new device take over from this measure. Keep in mind that it cost more than 2.5 billion euros.

Being so, thanks to this measurethey were able to save 1.8 million tons COD emissions. 10% of users have given up at least one trip a week usually made by car.

The 50 euro bonus from french government will be enough for satisfy public transport users?

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