the incredible secret of her wedding dress

Everybody knows his surname and its songsbut also his love for her husband Rene. Unfortunately, this one left us in 2016, devastating news for the singer. Fans still remember his weddingand especially the wear and from theawesome headdress what i was wearing celine dion that day.

Celine Dion, her marriage to Rene Angelil

Is he December 17, 1994 that lovers finally said ‘yes’ to each other. They had been together for several years, but had known each other for a long time. Indeed, Rene Angelil was the manager Celine Dion for a long time. And the event shook all of Canada and even the whole world, as if it were a Royal wedding.

An unforgettable bridal look

For the occasion, Céline Dion, 26 yearsShe wore an absolutely stunning dress. This one, designed by Mirella and Steve Gentilerequired more than 1000 hours labor and cost €25,000. But the singer’s dream was to be a princess the day of his wedding. The dress was embellished with cord Y crystals hand-stitched, with low cut revealing heart, and underlined the fine carving from the singer

A 20 meter long tail and an impressive headdress

But the accessories she wore celine dion They were equally exceptional. Their dragged was not less than 20 metersand his tiara heavy 7 pounds, according to Vogue France. this headdress swarovski crystals could not be used in the traditional way. In fact, he was sewing in the bride’s hair, giving it a perfect finish.

A few years after their union, the couple learned that René Angélil suffered from a cancer. After his remission in 2000, the lovebirds decided renew your vows wedding in Las Vegas, and Celine Dion wore an all-gold ensemble. the couple had three children together: René-Charles, Eddy and Nelson. In addition, René Angelil had already three children from previous marriages.

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Celine Dion’s life after the death of her beloved and tender

The singer from Quebec was very sick as of 2017, forcing her to cancel many concerts. she was a victim of spasms in the lower back, then a hearing impairment, autophony. the pandemic of Covid-19 has once again postponed Celine Dion’s performances, to the dismay of her fans. But the idol of many will finally do it. his big comeback !

Celine Dion: back to Star Academy?

And it may well appear on our television screens in addition to its theatrical performances. Indeed, according to Here it isthe singer would be in negotiations with TF1 to participate in the great return of the show star academy. It looks like your tube I’ll go wherever you go has been chosen as the anthem for this new season, but it could also participate in a special night In his honor. A member of the production said, “ Nothing has been signed yet, negotiations are always very complicated with stars of this stature, but it is being discussed and everything is still open. »

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