The Institut Curie wants to treat all female cancers

The establishment, heir to the work of Marie Curie, wants to separate research and treatments against disease. Beyond breast cancer, gynecological cancers are also addressed.

The first European center for the management of breast cancer, it wants to broaden its focus to female cancers, which represent more than 76,000 new cases each year in France. A major health problem. The prestigious institution, heir to the discoveries of Marie Curie, double Nobel laureate in physics (1903) and chemistry (1911), embarks on a new project: to create a structure entirely dedicated to all female cancers, including gynecological cancers. An approach to which partners will be associated, including patient associations, companies and Paris Sciences and Letters (PSL), the university center that brings together the Ecole Normale Supérieure, the Mines, Paris-Dauphine or even the Fine Arts. “We want to establish a true multidisciplinarity,” summarizes Dr. Anne Vincent-Salomon, head of the Center for Diagnostic and Theranostic Medicine at the Institute, who will lead the new entity.

Create a virtuous model

On the eve of the launch of the 2022 campaign, which every year raises awareness and mobilizes the public about breast cancer, the Institut Curie unveiled this project on September 22, which is part of the health section of the . Announced last year by the Jean Castex government, it provides €30 billion in investment to bring out tech champions, including €3 billion to promote innovation in health.

In this sector, the winners must be designated after a call for projects that aims to create new University Hospital Institutes (IHU) and closes on November 7. The hearings and the results should be known by Christmas. At stake, a potential financing of 50 million euros over 10 years, probably insufficient for the program of the Institut Curie. “But we want to create a virtuous model to self-finance it over time,” says Dr. Anne Vincent-Salomon.

Beyond the strategic challenge for the Institute, it is also about creating[…]


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