“The Medicines Agency does not protect the French”

INTERVIEW – The author of “Health in an Organized Gang” (ed. Robert Laffont) paints a very bleak picture of our health system. With Professor Christian Riché, a former expert from the Medicines Agency, he describes a very weakened administration that no longer places patients at the center of its action.

Anne Jouan, freelance journalist, publishes Organized gang health with Professor Christian Riché, a former Medicines Agency expert who was one of his anonymous informants during his investigation on. The drug caused around 2,000 deaths in France according to legal experts engaged in a sweeping trial. This book recounts from the inside the dysfunctions and shortcomings of the Medicines Agency, which has become unable to fulfill its role as health police in France. It also reveals the background of his investigation and the relationship between a journalist and her sources.

Challenges- This book that questions the functioning of the Medicines Agency is causing a stir. September 22, . This product is not in the center of his book, but dedicated to the Mediator, but it is mentioned there.

Ana Jouán- Professor Lechat, who asked Merck to change the formula, admits that five years later the problems seen with the latter were expected. Enormous. To explain it, he proposes a pharmacological phenomenon known for decades, bioequivalence. So well known that we had seen problems with generic Levothyrox over ten years ago. And today, Pr. Lechat explains to us that the problems with the new Levothyrox formula are the same as those found with generics. But then, what is the use of the French Medicines Agency and its evaluation director if they are not capable of evaluating and anticipating these types of problems? Recall that in 2017, the director general of the agency called women who complained about the side effects of the new Levothyrox “crazy” and that the Minister of Health called them “hysterical”.

In addition to the revelations about these different cases, his book is fascinating for the description of his exchanges with Professor Riché, an expert from the Medicines Agency, who becomes one of his “sources”.

In this silent universe of medicine[…]

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