“The scarf must be a choice”! In Tehran, women protest

REBELLION — Protests have claimed several lives in Iran after a young woman was arrested by the vice squad.

Mahtab wears an orange scarf that partially reveals her hair. “We must end the brutal actions of the morality police that prevent women from choosing their clothing,” she says, to Tehran. “I like to wear this scarf like others prefer to wear a chador,” says this 22-year-old make-up artist in an upscale neighborhood in the north of the capital. Iranian. “But the scarf should be a choice, we shouldn’t be forced” to wear it, she adds.

Protests with several deaths broke out in Iran after the authorities announced on September 16 the death of a young woman, mahsa aminiafter her arrest for “wearing inappropriate clothing” by the morality police, charged with enforcing a dress code for women.

Neither tight pants nor flashy colors

Mahtab admits to being afraid of this police unit but has not changed the way he dresses, nor the way he uses the browse. This typeface “is useless,” he says. In Iran, women are required to cover their hair, and the morality police also prohibit them from wearing coats above the knee, tight pants, jeans with holes, and brightly colored outfits, among other things.

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