the Stock Market is concerned about the rate hike and the elections in Italy

Slight upturn in sight for the Paris Stock Exchange? A few minutes before the opening, the star index ACC 40 advanced 0.32% as global markets fret over the risk of recession as central banks raise interest rates to counter runaway inflation. The day before, the Parisian rating ended with a sharp drop of 1.87%. Wall Street closed in the red on Thursday for the third consecutive session, the US S&P index closed at its lowest level since mid-July. “European indices are expected to open flat this morning, central bank aggressiveness in terms of rate hikes Speed it shouldn’t be digested by investors anytime soon,” said John Plassard, investment specialist at Mirabaud.

The US Federal Reserve The (Fed) and many central banks around the world have gone on the offensive against runaway inflation by raising their key rates to curb rising prices by reducing demand. They assume that letting inflation drag on for too long will have a higher long-term economic cost than hitting it hard and fast, even if it carries the risk of mild recessions. On Wednesday, the US central bank raised its main interest rate by 0.75 percentage points, the same as in June and July, also signaling more hikes to come until inflation is put to rest. .

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