the Superior Council of Public Finance points out the lack of ambition of the Government

“Unambitious”. This is the judgment of the Superior Council of Public Finances (HCFP) on the trajectory traced by the Government to reduce the public deficit for 2027, in an opinion issued on Sunday, September 25, on the eve of the presentation of the draft budget for 2023. The path by which the government intends to reduce this deficit from 5% of GDP to 2.9% in the course of the “particularly fragile” by the HCFP, which considers its premises “on economic growth, on the control of public spending and on the increase in mandatory rates” too optimistic. According to the Superior Council, an independent body attached to the Court of Auditorsthe government has “overestimated” the impact of all the reforms it plans to implement, namely pensions, unemployment insurance, active solidarity income (RSA) and learning, “particularly in the first years of programming.”

It specifies that for all these reforms “neither the methods, nor the impacts, nor the schedule are documented.” For pensions in particular, “the resulting savings would in any case be limited to the horizon of the programming period.” The pension reform is not contained in the social security financing bill, according to the text consulted on Sunday by AFP. The reform could be initiated by means of an amendment during the parliamentary debate, or by means of a specific text, (…)

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