the unlikely reframing of Apolline de Malherbe’s husband to Cyril Hanouna

VIDEO – Friday night, live on C8, Harold Hauzy invited himself to the “TPMP” host’s phone conversation with his wife, the RMC morning worker.

it was his birthday but cyril hanouna I was mad Friday night. Angry at the BFMTV/RMC journalists who would never quote him. “They, I liked them but they’re starting to annoy me. they don’t know me», explains the one who is especially angry with Apolline de Malherbe which, however, considers as “a friend“.” If she looks at me: Next time quote us. ‘Cause I, I won’t forget to date you to get high“, he continues before taking his phone and calling the interested party he picked up.

Having been warned that this phone call was up in the air, Cyril Hanouna explains: “I always said I loved you but now I’m at my wits end with you», announces to the hilarious journalist. A few seconds later, a male voice is heard on the other end of the line saying:Cyril, let’s calm down. There are limits!This is Harold Hauzy, the husband of Apolline de Malherbe.

Tensions finally subside, and to prove her good faith to Cyril Hanouna, Apolline de Malherbe makes sure to watch “TPMP” every night with her family. “It’s thanks to me againstI am the one who turns on the television.“Add again her husband, communications advisor. The star of the Eight then corrects himself: “ There is a journalist who for me is the one I love the most in the world, she is Apolline de Malherbe, I listen to her every morning“, released, under the laughter of the public.

invitation to dinner

Baby we forgot all thathe adds. For my birthday, I’m going to invite your whole family, your husband, you and all your children to dinner.“.”You know I have four children!“, warns the morning of RMC. “If I have to be ric-rac at the end of the month, I’ll be for you. We organize it in fifteen days“, promises anyway Cyril Hanouna.

The disagreement between Cyril Hanouna and the BFMTV/RMC journalists dates back to the last presidential campaign, a period in which the former participated in political life receiving candidates on his set. in January, Apolline de Malherbe considered the Zemmour-Mélenchon debate organized in C8 pathetic. Last April, the editorialist Benjamin Duhamel refused to mention the name of the program “Face à Baba”, Cyril Hanouna then pinned “contempt” on Alain Duhamel’s nephew.

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