The Voice kids – “With Eva Queen, what more could you ask for?” : why this phrase, pronounced by a child, unleashed Internet users

Screenshot TF1 direct / The Voice Kids

Screenshot TF1 direct / The Voice Kids

What does Eva do in La Voz Kids? This is the question that Internet users asked themselves on Twitter this Saturday, September 24, 2022. The choice of the young singer as Louane’s “co-coach” was highly criticized on the blue bird’s social network.

This Saturday, September 24, 2022, TF1 offered its viewers the second and last series of battles of children’s voices season 8. While eight three-candidate battles were originally planned, one of them became a two-man battle. Indeed, Orianaone of the talents of the team patrick fiore could not set it during recording. What Zineb in Louane’s team last week the teenager is was “stranded” in her country, Morocco, the borders being closed at that time due to covid-19. The coach lamented this situation: “It’s a very big voice, it was the balance between the three. It’s unfortunate… I hope that Oriane has the opportunity to treat us again”, he pointed out in particular.

As for the other candidates, there are no other unforeseen events to report. From the beginning of the evening, the trios succeeded each other performing mainly songs in French: “Vivre pour le Meilleur” by Johnny Hallyday, “Mourir sur scène” by Dalida, “J’irai au bout de mes rêves” by Jean-Jacques Goldman , “I love him to death” by Francis Cabrel or even “Resist” by France Gall. Choices of very classic titles that made the tweets tremble, visibly eager to listen to the children in the most recent hits. But this Saturday, September 24, it is above all another production choice that has shaken social networks in the blue bird.

Since the beginning of the Battles, the coaches have benefited from the presence of a famous artist to support them during rehearsals: thus, Julien Doré is assisted by Eddy De Pretto, Patrick Fiori by former The Voice Kids finalists Carla and Angelineand Kendji Girac from his friend Soprano. If her presence does not seem to pose any particular problem to Internet users, the same does not happen with the singer who attends Louane : Eva, who until recently called herself “Eva Queen”.

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“Did they choose Eva Queen because other artists just before refused?”

The young artist who was a hit with her hits “Baby boy” and “Mood,” and won an NRJ Music Award, doesn’t consider herself legitimate in this co-coach role. And it was a phrase uttered by one of her children this season of hers that caused netizens to rage against her. Delighted to discover Eva’s surprise presence during her rehearsals, a certain Sana did not hide her admiration: “Having Eva Queen, what else can you dream of?”, She a- launched enthusiastically. But on the social network, some saw it above all as a sign of the lack of musical culture of young talents. Because according to them, contrary to what Sana thinks, there are many more talented artists than Eva. The toughest tweeters even claimed that the children of the season sang better than her and that soon it would be their turn to train her…

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