“There are limits, Cyril!” : Cyril Hanouna calls Apolline de Malherbe live, her husband intervenes

Cyril Hanouna did not hesitate to call Apolline de Malherbe live to share his anger with the BFMTV journalists. The husband of Jean-Jacques Bourdin’s surrogate had to intervene.

This Friday, September 23, 2022, was a very special day for Cyril Hanouna. In fact, the host of don’t touch my post he was celebrating his 48th birthday. If all the columnists paid their boss a little heed, the PAF troublemaker began his show by launching into a tirade. In fact, some journalists from the BFTMV reportedly broadcast images of TPMP without citing the program as a source. “They, I liked them, are starting to run after me. They don’t know me.” begins by declaring, clearly pointing to one of the main journalists of the continuous news channel : Apolline de Malherbe.

Yes she is “a friend” of Cyril Hanouna, the latter does not hesitate to tell you his four truths: “If she wants, next time I will come and sell her our pictures myself. If she looks at me: next time, quote us. Because I will not forget to quote it to place it”, he lets go and the host of TPMP It is not done with the journalist. In fact, the presenter of TPMP he calls him live: “I’ve always said I love you, but now I’m crazy about you,” he tells Apolline de Malherbe, online. But it was without counting on the journalist’s husband, Harold Hauzy, who decided to intervene. “Cyril, calm down. There are limits!”

Fortunately, the tension is lowering. Apolline de Malherbe also wishes Cyril Hanouna a happy birthday and admits seeing him every night on TPMP : “It’s thanks to me! It’s me who turns on the television,” throws Harold Hauzy. Given this good mood, Cyril Hanouna decides to invite the journalist to the restaurant: “You know I have four children!”, laughs the 42-year-old host. “I adore her. How I love this girl. What love, what sweetness, what professionalism!” If this story ends well, Cyril Hanouna did not hesitate to get angry again.

Cyril Hanouna makes Jordan De Luxe and André Bouchet react

In fact, a few days ago, Jordan De Luxe is the subject of controversy. While receiving André Bouchet, alias Passe-Partout in Fort Boyard, the host had fun measuring his guest with the iPhone. A sequence that has been criticized on social networks. The sequence was later broadcast on Up to you, incredible Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine. This Friday, September 23, 2022, Cyril Hanouna received Jordan De Luxe and André Bouchet. If the latter announced that he liked to make fun of himself, Jordan De Luxe wanted to make things clear: “Yo, it’s been my party ever since. We did it nicely. We tried to put a touch of fun into its difference.”

The presenter attacks Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine

The sequence of Up to you was also broadcast on TPMP. Cyril Hanouna then attacked Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine : “She looks at the sequence, it seems that there is a drama that happened” he got angry before continuing: “Anne-Elisabeth Lemoine and this whole team, let them eat their osso bucco and stop inflating us. They usually make fun of it (…) If they were on a public channel, I can tell you that the show doesn’t last two days.”

Cyril Hanouna: “I am the anti-Patrick Cohen”

Cyril Hanouna did not hesitate to describe Bertrand Chameroy as “the most ungrateful guy on French television” for pointing the finger at C8, the chain that launched it. “We hadn’t thrown it very far at the time. Everyone forgets about it. France 5 I don’t watch this show, it’s for over 80s.”Cyril Hanouna continued, visibly very upset with the France 5 journalists. This is not the first time that the presenter has attacked certain PAF programs. “I’m not a lecturer. I’m the anti-Patrick Cohen. People don’t want that anymore. Patrick Cohen, he’s very nice, but he’s at home, quiet in his little apartment in the 6th arrondissement… He goes every night to put his ass on C’s chair to say a few words to you and collect a salary that must be quite comfortable.

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