These 17 Malicious Android Apps Sneak Banking Trojans on Your Phone

In July alone, we reported the removal of over 100 malicious apps from the Google Play Store.

Malware comes in many forms, and some allow hackers to take control of your phone, while others steal personal information or make you sign up for subscription services that are difficult to get out of. Tap or click to remove 36 malicious apps from your phone now,

Now we’re in August, but it doesn’t look like things will get any better. We have a new list of 17 apps that contain banking Trojans. We’ll show you how these dangerous apps work and how to avoid them.

Here’s the backstory

Despite all its money and resources, Google can’t keep up with the massive amount of malicious apps uploaded to its official Play Store. Luckily, cyber security experts always lend a helping hand to Big Tech.

trend Micro Discovered 17 malicious apps that provide services like call recording, VPN, software cleanup, scanner, photo editing and more. They are actually introducing programs designed to steal sensitive information like login credentials, account numbers and financial information.

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Check Your Phone for These Malicious Apps

Although the apps have been removed from the Google Play Store, it does not mean that they have been removed from your device. Check your phone against the following list. If you find a matching app, remove it immediately:

  1. Call Recorder APK — com.caduta.aisevsk
  2. rooster vpn — com.vpntool.androidweb
  3. Super Cleaner – Hyper and Smart — com.j2ca.callrecorder
  4. Document Scanner – PDF Creator — com.codeword.docscann
  5. Universal Saver Pro — com.virtualapps.universalsaver
  6. Eagle Photo Editor — com.techmediapro.photoediting
  7. Call Recorder Pro+ — com.chestudio.callrecorder
  8. extra cleaner — com.casualplay.leadbrow
  9. cryptoutils — com.utilsmycrypto.mainer
  10. fix cleaner — com.cleaner.fixgate
  11. Universal Saver Pro — com.gaz.universalaver
  12. Lucky Cleaner — com.luck.cleaner
  13. Just In: Video Motion — com.olivia.openpuremind
  14. Document Scanner Pro — com.myunique.sequencestore
  15. conquer the dark — com.flowmysequto.yamer
  16. simple cleaner – com.scando.qukscanner
  17. Unicc QR Scanner — com.qrdscannerratedx

Here’s how to remove any app from your Android phone:

  • open google play store Application.
  • At the top right, tap profile icon,
  • tap Manage apps and devices , manage,
  • Tap on the name of the app you want to remove.
  • tap uninstall,

Jaw Dropping Dangerous Apps

To evade detection, a Trojan disguises itself as a legitimate program. It has proved useful enough that the Google Play Store is flooded with them. Trojans can be delivered by apps called droppers.

Trend Micro has identified a new dropper variant it calls DropPer, which evades security checks for delivering the following malware to devices:

  • eight (cover) is a banking Trojan that allows to send and receive SMS, steal banking information and allow attackers to control your device remotely.
  • Hydra Is a variant of the Trojan that asks you to enable permissions which will enable it to overwrite a legitimate banking app login page with a malicious one.
  • Ermasy Sends stolen financial login credentials to threat actors, who can use the information to steal money or commit fraud.
  • teabot Uses apps to redirect users to click a link, infecting their devices.

Protect your devices (and finances) with these steps

The job isn’t over just because you’ve removed the offending apps. You must exercise caution and caution at all times. This way:

  • Turn on Google Play Protect by going to google play store > Profile > Play Protect > Settings and start Scan Apps with Play Protect,
  • Check your phone for security updates by visiting Adjustment , Management , system update,
  • Open a web browser on your phone and do a Google Security Checkup Feather, Follow the steps to give your device more robust security settings.
  • Download the app only from the official app store. Always go to the official source and double check that you are installing the correct app.
  • Beware of apps that use the same logo or act similar to other popular apps. Also, check reviews to see if others are warning about suspicious activity.
  • Pay attention to permissions. Stay away if an app wants full access to your text messages or notifications.
  • Have reliable antivirus software on all your devices. We recommend our sponsor, TotalAV, Now, get the TotalAV Internet Security annual plan for just $19, That’s 85% off the regular price!

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