These 3 Free Agents Might Be Tackles, So the Cowboys Aren’t Panicking

front office of Dallas Cowboys Absolutely loves his friends. His belief in his players warms the heart, but at the same time it can speed up blood flow when things don’t work out according to plan. One area where it is most prevalent is in aggressive combat situations.

After having had a plethora of depth in each of the last two seasons, the team suddenly finds itself relying on a veteran who has struggled to stay healthy and a handful of youngsters. Tyrone Smith and Terrence Steele are the team’s opening players, fighting for unproven Josh Ball and Matt Waltzko swing tackle position. And with the recent news that the rookie Waltzko suffered a shoulder injury on ThursdayHe is expected to miss some time, so the team’s shaky backup tackles have only gotten worse.

Rabblerauser and I discussed the uncertainty of the Cowboys, as well as other camp storylines, in the latest episode of The Star Seminar.

Fear is growing among Cowboys Nation as we can’t help wondering when the team is going to step into free agency to shore up the swing tackle situation. Combined with rookie Tyler Smith, who never played an NFL snap with the ball of the second year, whom he was supposed to rest in left guard, the team appears to be playing with fire, yet no worries in the front office. . World.

This may come as a surprise, but the Cowboys have a plan. To begin with, they know that there are still plenty of more seasoned tackles out there. Check out the list of just a few more notable names.

Cowboys aren’t looking for a starter, they’re looking for swing tackle. In addition, they are determined to give maximum opportunities to their young players in the training camp. While those may not be the final answer until the start of the new season, that’s no reason to bring in a veteran just yet. They know what these veterans have to offer, so why not delegate to young people so they can develop and evaluate. As the season draws to a close, don’t be surprised if the Cowboys finally add some experience to their depth charts. And when that happens, who might be the most targeted? Here are three options, each with its own level of urgency, depending on how the coaching staff views their handling situation.

Daryl Williams (buffalo billage 30)

If the Cowboys want to calm the waters of potential depth problems in a tackle situation, the best way to do so would be to enlist the services of Daryl Williams. An All-Pro during the 2017 season with Carolina, he has played in every game over the past three seasons. The Bills initially signed him to a three-year deal, but made him a cap casualty last season. Williams is a player with a starting ability who is by no means exceptional, which is why he remains unsigned, but this man has an incredibly high floor. Not only will he be a comfortable swing tackle option that can play both sides, but he also has position flex to move in.

A move to acquire a player like Williams would indicate that the Cowboys have some legitimate depth concerns behind Smith and Steele, meaning relying solely on the ball would be a risky endeavor. Williams’ ability to be a starter in the guard also brings valuable depth inside to show injuries or questions.

estimated contract: One year, full guarantee of $5 million deal

Mike Remmers (Kansas City Chiefsage 33)

This well-travelled lineman is exactly the type of player the Cowboys look for. He has plenty of experience playing 96 games in nine seasons where he started in 90 of them. Playing for five different NFL teams, he has proven he can show up and make an immediate contribution. He can either play the tackle position and slide over the guard if needed. During his career he has had one season where he has started all 16 games in LT, RT, and RG, so his position flex is invaluable.

Reimers may be remembered for starting with left tackle for Kansas City Super Bowl Before last year, and it wasn’t his best day as Tampa Bay feasted on the Chiefs’ full offensive line. Casey then went through an OL overhaul the following year, but Reamers was hired for backup duties. Unfortunately, a knee injury ended his season after just four games last year, but we shouldn’t worry as he has started in double-digit games in each of the first six seasons.

Rammers comes with pass blocking concerns as any non-starting offensive lineman, but he has a decent track record as a run blocker. His last three contracts have been cheap one-year deals. And while he’s never going to be an elite performer who commands a decent paycheck, teams keep calling him this ex Oregon State Beaver has proven to be a reliable player on the offensive line.

Estimated contract: One Year, $2.5 Million, Guaranteed $1 Million

Sam Tewi (Los Angeles Chargersage 27)

The Cowboys have already given us a clue as to what type of offensive lineman they are interested in as they had former Charger Sam Tewee to date back in April. After completing his rookie deal with the Chargers, Levy signed a one-year, $2.5 million deal with the Indianapolis Colts. Unfortunately, he never saw the field as he suffered a torn ACL in the preseason finale last year.

While it’s unclear how his visit with Dallas turned out to be largely focused on his medical, it wouldn’t be surprising if he was brought in as a last-minute extra if it was investigated. Tevy is an athletic player who can handle tackle positions. While he hasn’t been a quality starter for the Chargers during his career, he is a good player to be called off the bench. Signing like Tevy is very sexy and will probably tell us that Ball (or any of his young boys) has him on the swing but the coaching staff is very comfortable.

estimated contract: One Year, $1.5 Million, $500K Total Guarantee

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