these condominiums do not benefit from the tariff shield

These are the forgotten of the rate abacus: the tenants of HLMs or certain condominiums. Viewed as businesses, they cannot benefit from the energy price freeze, and with prices skyrocketing, bills follow. This is the case of this condominium in Hauts-de-Seine, in Châtillon. If you used to pay 25,000 euros a year for hot water and heating, the bill is about to jump, multiplied by six or eight, with proposals ranging from 120,000 to 200,000 euros, he explains to BFM-TV the president of the co-ownership union council, Audrey Daudignon.

“I don’t understand that we can practice such prices”, he adds If you have your own invoice, last year you paid 790 euros, but there it could go up between 4,300 and 5,000 euros. Obviously very complicated sums to absorb for all the co-owners, even if Emmanuel Macron, back from new york this Thursday, he asked small businesses, local authorities or social owners not to rush: “We offer you an electricity price to renegotiate your contracts at crazy prices: don’t sign them today!” , justifying itself by discussions initiated with various countries to “renegotiate gas and electricity prices” and “restore our gas and electricity markets.”

Will this be enough? For the moment, the union council of this co-ownership has been in contact (…)

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