they rob an ATM using a mini drone

The thieves stole no less than 150,000 euros using this unprecedented theft technique.

This is a great first. In Reims, criminals managed to steal 150,000 euros from an ATM using a mini-drone, a police source told AFP. figaro, confirming information about JDD . Four people were arrested and remanded in custody awaiting trial.

A “telescopic pole equipped with a mirror»

Last May, the investigators of the territorial directorate of the judicial police (DTPJ) of Reims, in the Marne, were commissioned by the parquet to investigate the robbery of a branch of the Savings Bank. No less than 150,000 euros were stolen from a safe used by carriers to transport money between two delivery men. No traces of a break-in were found, suggesting the complicity of a bank employee or teller.

After analyzing the closed-circuit television cameras, the researchers discovered that a remote-controlled mini-drone allowed the button to be pressed to open the door of the technical room. “Several strangers then entered this room and managed to open this relay box by dialing a secret code, known only to the cash couriers responsible for supplying dealers.“, explained a source close to the file to the JDD. According to the first elements of the investigation, those responsible for the robbery had the help of a “telescopic pole equipped with a mirror“. The entire robbery was carried out in less than ten minutes.

human guilt

Since then, four people have been arrested, charged and remanded in custody. Among them, one is a former “Dabist“, that is to say an employee in charge of the maintenance of the distributors. It is this complicity that allowed the defendants to act without concern. “Its success was based on human error and the not regular enough modification frequency of the secret codes of the relay chests in ATMs.“, Underlines a source close to the investigation to our colleagues.

The use of the drone is already used in full crime. It happens in particular that phones and accessories, cannabis or alcohol are delivered to the prison by drones. But according to a senior official also interviewed by the JDDthis new flight technique is unprecedented in France: “The use of a mini drone for that money is completely new.»

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