They thought they were building the house of their dreams, they are victims of a scam

It’s every newbie’s nightmare.buyers embarking on a project building house: getting scammed, and never seeing your house built, like this couple in the Rhonewhose story is told by NewsLyon, Friday September 23. In 2013, Isabelle and Stéphane wanted to take a new step. Both have worked for several years, they had two beautiful children. It may be time to think about building our house, they think as they explore the various offers available in Lyon.

They locate a real estate project in Toussieux, in Ain, proposed by Orpi but managed by an independent. The latter is presented as the leader of a construction company, as well as an architect. He shows them plans, promises his son that he will put a basketball hoop on the wall. “He sold them dreams”, regrets his lawyer, Jean-Christophe Basson-Larbi, interviewed by our colleagues. Conquered, the couple buys one of the seven lots of the project and signs for “a dream house”.

Nearly nine years later, not a single brick has been put in the ground and his savings are gone. Because the buyers get into debt and pay the fees of the agency, the notary, the taxes and the land: 150,000 euros, without seeing the slightest evolution of their work, which in truth will never begin. ‘The independent’ is not only not an architect, but he has already been sentenced eleven times for (…)

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