This breathing exercise available to everyone reduces hypertension

About one person in three is hypertensive in France and only half know it. Indeed, high blood pressure predisposes to a wide range of cardiovascular diseases. The treatment of hypertension is based above all on a healthy lifestyle. The hypertensive patient should pay attention to their salt intake, limit alcohol and stop smoking. Sports activity is also recommended. by doctors If this is not enough for blood pressure to return to normal values, there are antihypertensive drugs.

Example of a breathing apparatus.  © PowerBreath

Example of a breathing apparatus. © PowerBreath

Breathe to lower high blood pressure

Scientists at the University of Boulderin the United States, they offer an alternative to medicines accessible to all: solicitation of the muscles of respiratory resistance, or IMST in English for inspiratory muscle strength training. The principle is simple, all you have to do is breathe naturally through a small device that forces the patient to use their respiratory muscles to inhale and exhale, making them more resistant and also reducing hypertension. The device can be adjusted to increase the difficulty.

Symptoms: consequences of high blood pressure

The scientists found that 30 breaths per day, five to seven days per week, sustained for six weeks significantly reduced systolic pressure by 9 mmHg (normal value ≥ 140 mmHg) and diasystolic pressure by 4 mmHg (normal value ≥ 90 mmHg). ). The benefits appear after two weeks of training and last up to six weeks. These results come from the analysis of five small pilot clinical studies and provide the strongest evidence for the effectiveness of breathing exercises in controlling hypertension.

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