This man is fired and rehired at the same company in less than 24 hours

It is an unusual story that our colleagues at CNBC : that of a newly hired employee, fired and returned to his post a few hours later. It all started in 2017. Kyle McCanest was hired by a small startup company, VizyPay, specializing in payment solutions for small and medium-sized businesses in the United States. The company is based in Waukee, Iowa, and the then 26-year-old is very ambitious. He is the start-up’s second employee and signs numerous contracts during his first two weeks on the job. But very quickly, the business gets complicated and the market slows down.

He then goes to the business owners and asks them what strategy to adopt to “save them money.” Une “erreur terrible”, décrit-il aujourd’hui, car il rend compte qu’il n’était plus dans le jeu. Even so, when VizyPay founder Austin MacNab summons him, he knows he’s sentenced: he’s going to be fired. “But I decided to go into this meeting with a positive attitude and see what happens,” he told CNBC. His first concern was knowing how he was going to pay the rent for the accommodation that he had just taken with his partner the following month.

The sentence falls, he is effectively fired, but he decides to remain calm during this announcement, take the positive out of his experience and make the most of his eight weeks of work at the start-up. “He was very humble and (…)

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