Time to Vote for 2022 All About Jersey Top 25 New Jersey Devils Under 25 List

As the Season Begins, It’s Time to Bring Back Everything About the Jersey Top 25 New Jersey Devils List under 25. This year’s edition is the eleventh edition of this list. This year’s list should be a call for more optimism as the organization was able to add a top defensive prospect for the second year in a row through the draft. The eight-player 2022 Draft class also featured a high upside pick in the second round and a highly rated goaltender in the fourth round. In keeping with tradition from 2013, this list will also include your input. We want to hear your opinion and use the wisdom of the crowd to help us come up with our rankings. As we have done in previous years, you will see a survey available for you to cast your vote on how you would rank these players. Now let’s take a look at who is eligible, what the 2021 list looks like, and what personnel changes have taken place since last year’s list.

Requirements and plans

This list shows players in the New Jersey Devils organization as of August 1. This includes restricted free agents who have received qualification offers for the 2022–23 season. The main requirement for this list is that the player is under the age of 25 as of 15 September. With that requirement, we have another big list in which 49 players are eligible for ranking. This is slightly down from last year’s list in which 51 players were eligible for the rankings.

As we have done in the past, the final list will be determined by the All About the Jersey authors’ rankings and the results of community surveys. All rankings will be weighed equally and averaged to determine the order of the final list. The results will be posted in reverse order, starting with a list of players outside the top 25. We’ll reveal the top 25 in sets of five over the next weeks until we end up with the top 5.

Top 25 Under 25 Recap of 2021

Jack Hughes overtook Nico Hisier for the top spot on last year’s list with 5 first place and 2 second place votes. Hisier, who was ranked #1 on the list from 2018 to 2020, dropped to second for the first time since debuting on the 2017 list. He received 2 first place votes as well as 5 second place votes. Jesper Bratt finished third on last year’s list as his stock continued to rise. Ty Smith finished fourth after a promising rookie season. Of course, we know what happened in his second NHL season and he’s been traded since, which means our Top 5 will change little. Top 5 in last year’s list was Yegor Sharangovich who jumped from #24 in the 2020 rankings. The rest of the top 10 saw Mackenzie Blackwood in sixth, Pavel Zacha in seventh, Jane Kuokanen in eighth, Luke Hughes in ninth, and Alexander Holtz in tenth. We can expect a very different look in the top 10 with Zacha and Kuokanen also joining Smith as departing players.

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As we all know, the Devils had another tough season in 2021-22 which further prompted general manager Tom Fitzgerald to add young talent through drafts and free agency. As a result of this, the Devils have 11 new additions to the list. This includes 8 players acquired via draft, 2 free agent signings and a discount pick. The draft class was titled by defenseman Simon Nemec, who was selected by the team with the #2 pick. Brian Halonen and Jack Dugan were forwarded in free agent signings. Halonen was a free agent out of Michigan Tech last spring and Jack Dugan was signed to the company as a free agent. Vegas Golden Knights organization. That discount pickup was definitely ahead of Nathan Bastian, the team that had Seattle Kraken in the extension draft, but managed to claim the exemption last November.

I look forward to seeing where Simon Nemec ranks on this year’s list. He is a tremendous prospect who will definitely break into the top 10 if not the top 5. It will be interesting to see if he ends up over or under Luke Hughes who is another top defense. Another defender who figures his top 25 debutante is Seamus Casey as he has a high upside but with some risk.


While the Devils have added 11 players to this year’s list, they see 13 departures. These are players who either age out, were not re-signed, were potential players who were not signed, were traded, or were bought.

The most notable players who have left the organization are Pavel Zacha, Ty Smith and Jayne Kuokanen. Zacha, who was unable to reach his potential, would have aged anyway, but the trade was done. Boston Bruins For Eric Houla. Smith’s second NHL season was disastrous and as a result, the Devils opted to trade him. Pittsburgh Penguins To the more established John Marino. Kuokanen showed some promise early in his career with New Jersey, but that ended last year, resulting in the team buying out his contract. Colton White and Marion Studenik are notable as prospects who eventually saw some time with the Devils but have since moved on from the organization. Ultimately, Jonas Siegenthaler and Mackenzie Blackwood remain important members of the Devils, but have dropped out of consideration for this list.

List of Players to Pick for the Top 25 Devils Under 25 of 2022

Here is a complete list of all Devils under the age of 25, their current contract status, their age as of September 15, and their ranking in the Top 25 Devils Under 25 list in 2021. This is in alphabetical order by first name:

2022 Under-25 Devils

Name place date of birth 9/15 age contract/notes 2021 Ranking
arne talaviti C 2/11/1999 23.61 LC 31
Akira Schmidy Yes 5/12/2000 22.36 LC 24
Alexander Holtz rw 1/23/2002 20.66 LC 10
Arseny Gritsyuko lw 3/15/2001 21.52 right ownership 29
Artem Barabosha third 3/18/2004 18.51 right ownership n/a
artem schlan C 3/17/2002 20.51 right ownership 45
Brian Halonen lw 1/11/1999 23.69 LC n/a
Case McCarthy third 1/9/2001 21.70 right ownership 46
charlie lady third 1/11/2004 18.69 right ownership n/a
Chase Stillman rw 3/19/2003 19.51 LC 26
cole brady Yes 2/12/2001 21.60 right ownership 40
Daniel Misul ld 10/20/2000 21.92 right ownership 33
Daniel Orlovy ld 12/21/2003 18.75 right ownership n/a
dawson mercer rw 10/27/2001 20.90 LC 1 1
ethan edwards ld 6/6/2002 20.29 right ownership 38
Fabian Zetterlund rw 8/25/1999 23.07 RFA 21
Graeme Clark rw 4/24/2001 21.41 LC 16
jack double lw 3/24/1998 24.50 Put signature on n/a
Jack Hughes C 5/14/2001 21.35 Put signature on 1
Jacob Maleko Yes 4/11/2002 20.44 right ownership 48
jaromir pytalik C 9/25/2001 20.99 right ownership 37
Jeremy Grolew ld 10/25/1999 22.91 LC 50
jesper boquist C 10/30/1998 23.89 Put signature on 15
jesper bratt lw 7/30/1998 24.15 RFA 3
Josh Filman lw 3/18/2004 18.51 right ownership n/a
Kevin Bahli ld 6/27/2000 22.23 LC 19
Luke Hughes ld 9/9/2003 19.03 right ownership 9
Michael McLeod C 2/3/1998 24.63 Put signature on 12
Michael Vukojevic ld 6/8/2001 21.28 LC 27
Nathan Bastian rw 12/6/1997 24.79 Put signature on n/a
nico dow Yes 12/22/2000 21.75 LC 32
nico hishier C 1/4/1999 23.71 Put signature on 2
Nikita Okhotyuki ld 12/4/2000 21.79 LC 22
Nikola Pasik C 10/16/2000 21.93 right ownership 28
Nolan Foote lw 11/29/2000 21.81 LC 13
Patrick Moynihan C 1/23/2001 21.66 right ownership 30
petr hauser rw 9/19/2003 19.00 right ownership n/a
reilly walsho third 4/21/1999 23.42 LC 17
Samu Salminen C 4/9/2003 19.45 right ownership 25
let’s talk about casey third 1/8/2004 18.70 right ownership n/a
Shakir Mukhamdulin ld 1/10/2002 20.69 LC 18
Simon German third 2/15/2004 18.59 LC n/a
topius villain ld 4/1/2003 19.47 LC 42
Tice Thompson C 7/12/1999 23.19 RFA 20
Tyler Brennan Yes 9/27/2003 18.98 right ownership n/a
Victor Hurtigo third 4/28/2002 20.40 right ownership 47
Yegor Sharangovich C 6/6/1998 24.29 Put signature on 5
Yegor Zaitsev ld 5/3/1998 24.39 right ownership 43
Zakhar Burdakov C 2/24/2001 21.57 right ownership 44

You can copy this entire table and paste it into Excel, OpenOffice Calc, or Google Sheets. This will allow you to juggle different names around to help you create your ideal sequence before moving on to the survey.

community survey

Like in previous years, John has put together a survey for all of you to rank these players. Here is the link to rank all 49 players, You can drag and drop the names in the order you want them to rank. You can also select a ranking based on the number next to each person. Please make sure to rank all these players so that we can get the most accurate rankings possible. For example, we wouldn’t want a player outside the top 25 to end up with a top 10 or 25 votes just because not all of these players were ranked. Once you’ve ranked all 49 players, hit “Done” and your feedback will be submitted.

The survey will conclude on August 16 at 11 am. This should provide enough time for everyone to think about the list and how they want to rank these players. We will collect the responses after closing and combine them with the final ranking from the list of authors. John will reveal which players are outside the top 25 on August 19. I will begin unveiling the list on August 23 in five sets from #21 to #25.

your take

Leave your opinion about these players in the comments below. Feel free to make a case for or against a player. What is your ranking strategy? How do you balance professional experience with raw competence? Thank you for reading and participating in the survey. Enjoy the ranking of these players. I’m excited to see the AATJ community and authors list this year.

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