To charge your smartphone (much) faster in the car, Oppo launches the perfect accessory

Choosing the right accessories to use your smartphone in the car is not always easy. Today, OPPO wants everyone to agree by offering an 80W cigarette lighter charger capable of charging your smartphones very quickly in the car.

There is no shortage of cigarette lighter chargers at various online retailers. But few are those that are fast, versatile and designed by well-established brands. This is where Oppo’s accessory comes into play.

An 80W SuperVooc car charger from OPPO

Knowing the maximum charging speed of all the smartphones in the family can quickly become a real headache. In the car, the reflex is usually to plug them into the first available source to recharge them, often a cigarette lighter (or external battery). A practice that is not optimal and that can also damage your phone.

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The new OPPO signed car charger has the advantage of having a USB-A port and a USB-C port to charge two devices at the same time. It also supports the protocols power delivery Y Fast charge to work with all smartphones on the market.

But where the manufacturer stands out is in the versatility and power of its charger. Indeed, the USB-A port supports its proprietary SuperVooc technology up to 80W. A technology that can be found in the group’s smartphones such as OPPO Reno 8 either the OnePlus 10 Pro both are capable of recharging up to 80W. Specifically, they can go from 0 to 100% battery in about 40 minutes.

The USB-C port can go up to 30W. Enough to fully charge all iPhones and Samsung Galaxy smartphones on the market. If you want to charge two devices at the same time, the power will be limited to 63W to prevent overheating.

Reliability and safety are just two other crucial points when choosing your chargers, whether for home or car. More and more brands no longer provide the charging block in the box of their smartphones. For some, this can quickly become a headache. We always advise you to choose the official charger of the brand of your phone.

Failing that, take accessories from brands that have proven their worth. This is the case with Oppo which, along with OnePlus, is the brand that offers the most impressive charging speeds on the market using secure technologies that obscure Chinese brands cannot boast of on Amazon.

The OnePlus SuperVooc 80W charger is sold in France for €59.99 on the OnePlus website. Although the cigarette lighter charger is compatible with all smartphones, you can also find SuperVooc compatible OnePlus devices by charging directly on the product overview page.

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