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My dear impertinent, dear impertinent,

“In politics, nothing happens by chance. Every time an event occurs, one can be sure that it was meant to unfold that way. This observation, which today could be described as eminently conspiratorial, is not mine but Franklin Roosevelt’s.

The idea is that things don’t happen by chance and that’s quite true objectively. There are a lot of good and bad luck mistakes, but in general, if I work well and learn my lessons well, I usually get good grades. When nothing is done, they are generally bad. Things definitely don’t happen by chance when you really think about it.

In economics it is the same.

Crises do not happen by chance.


The bubbles are not inflated by the work of the Holy Spirit and their deflation is not due to a divine bad mood.

In our world, the masters of the clocks are the central banks.

They give or withdraw money. They finance or puncture.

They create both booms and busts.

They raise or lower rates at the appropriate times.

They open or close the valves.

And today, there is no longer any doubt that the central banks have decided to go on the attack.

It is not inflation that they are attacking.

We are.

The attack of the central banks against the populations!

The brilliant idea would be to lower inflation by increasing unemployment, with all the consequences that this implies for people. Miseries and human dramas. never desirable.

At first glance, one might think that less growth and less employment would mean more unemployment, less consumption, and therefore less inflation.

Except that the inflation we are experiencing is not linked to “full employment” but to a double shock. A supply shock and an energy shock.

I explain everything to you in this JT video from the attic, I also explain what the attack on central banks consists of.

They will create a crisis and, as with all crises, they will cause a massive drop in asset values. They then lower rates to allow the cronies to pick up the slack and buy back cheap assets, again with cheap money borrowed from the same central banks that caused the assets to crash.

With every crisis, the great masses have their pockets picked by those who have understood.

This is what I explain in this video.

To go further, after understanding what the central banks are going to do, we have to turn their strategy in our favor.

We too, you too, can do like the greats of this world, starting by not getting scammed and then buying the right assets at the right time.

I explain everything to you in the special STRATEGIES file for September entitled “Central banks are attacking you, turn their strategy in your favor”. to subscribe all information can be found here.

It is already too late, but all is not lost.

Get ready!

Carlos Sannat

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“To quell peaceful revolutions, one makes violent revolutions inevitable” (JFK)

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