Unusual: Women in this country are better crypto traders than men!

Despite the crypto winter, 72% of Australians who own crypto reported an average profit of $7,152. While this finding may come as a surprise, the survey also revealed several other intriguing facts.

Australians are more open to buying crypto this year. Swyftx reports that cryptocurrency spending has risen 10% in the last 12 months, with 53% of Australians holding crypto saying they make crypto purchases for their products on sites like Amazon (via Purse.io), but also to pay in the restaurant and in the hotel.

More Crypto Spending Despite Bear Market!

Swyftx head of strategic partnerships Tommy Honan says technically Australians with a payment card MasterCard Where Visa from a digital asset provider you can spend your crypto virtually anywhere.

He believes that the widespread use of cryptocurrency payment cards is behind the sharp rise in the number of Australians reporting having transacted with cryptocurrencies.

The perception that cryptocurrencies are just speculative assets is being challenged by the increased spending on cryptocurrencies. The thesis of Bitcoin as current currency is getting closer to reality.

The increase in the number of online and physical establishments accepting digital assets as a payment method is less important, but important for the development of the crypto economy in Australia.

Over the past year, the cryptocurrency adoption rate in Australia has increased by four percentage points. 29% of Australians say they own or have owned cryptocurrencies, against 8% in France.

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