Very moved, Laura Smet tells Laurent Delahousse about this poster linked to Dani’s death

“She was a great friend.” It is in these terms that Laura Smet confided in Dani’s disappearance. Guest of the program “Sunday at 8:30 p.m.” on September 25, 2022, the daughter of Johnny Hallyday excitedly returned to the fact that she was very close to her. But that’s not all: in front of presenter Laurent Delahousse, she also explained that she had a “mystical” feeling on the day of his death. “From the age of 20 she always advised me to do theater. She always told me: ‘Hey, my love, if you want to be alone with your parents, do theater, that way it will accommodate you in something a little safe and that will give you confidence. And then she left, she knew that I was going to play in the theater in September.” Laura Smet explained. She then she added: “The weird thing is that this summer after rehearsing the text for an hour, I got really emotional at the end while rehearsing alone and a minute later I found out about his death. A great sign.”

Dani’s death: who was she?

As a reminder, Daniele Graul said Daniel was a French singer and actress, former model and leader of a French magazine. She was born on October 1, 1944, she died on July 18, 2022 in Tours (Indre-et-Loire) at the age of 77 years. Dani died of cardiac arrest. It was AFP who released the sad news, declaring: “The singer Dani, who was also an actress, model or leader (…)

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