“We fought on the ground”, recounts a plaintiff the trap that he supposedly set for her

This is another powerful testimony. Bénédicte Martin, one of the women alleged to have been a victim of Patrick Poivre d’Arvor, confided in Closer. In the columns of her magazine that will be on the newsstands on Friday, September 23, 2022, she herself recounted the moment in which the former TF1 presenter would have set her up. According to her, she met JT on the set when she didn’t want to and it was there that she realized something was wrong after their first meeting. “It was in November 2003. I presented my book Warm Up on your Vol de nuit program. I grew up without television and PPDA meant nothing to me. I found it very obsequious when, after the program, he begged me without letting go. my hand. Which was already a way to gain an advantage. He invited me back to attend a newscast. I agreed to go there out of curiosity. Benedicte Martin explained.

The complainant then recounted the second meeting with PPDA that made her bend over. “I was alone with him on the set, installed under the camera in a chair next to the teleprompter. Twenty minutes before the antenna, several people came to see me and they got my first name wrong. the first and I felt that he had fallen into a trap.” she added. Once in her office, Bénédicte Martin confronted a man who was too curious about her (…)

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