Weekend Box Office: DC League of Super-Pets tops box office with $23M debut

Photo Credit: Warner Bros (“DC League of Super-Pets”)

Warner Bros. DC League of Super-Pets It topped the domestic box office with an opening weekend of $23 million from 4,314 locations. A total of 64 overseas markets contributed $18.4 million to the film’s global debut of $41.4 million. The top overseas openers include the United Kingdom ($3.1M), Mexico ($2.1M), France ($1.6M), and Brazil ($1.1.M).

The first place came on the back of domestic Finnish title projections, which counted prominent stars such as Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson and Kevin Hart in its voice cast. super-pets Opened below Universal’s $23.9 million debut the bad guysA film that has grossed $97 million in total since opening in April.

super-pets To reach $100 million in his home run will take his strong word-of-mouth. A- CinemaScore should aid those efforts, especially among female audiences and moviegoers under the age of 35, the demographic that gave the film an A CinemaScore. The General Audience PostTrack score measured higher was 3.5/5 stars, with a 4-star rating from parents and 4.5 stars from children. The premium large format Showtime contributed 14% to the film’s domestic opening weekend box office. Geographically, super-pets More indexed in the south and midwestern United States.

DC League of Super-Pets
top dma

  1. angel
  2. New York
  3. Dallas
  4. houston
  5. atlanta
  6. San Francisco
  7. Chicago
  8. marvel
  9. philadelphia
  10. Washington DC

DC League of Super-Pets
top position

  1. Harkins Estrella Falls Phoenix
  2. AMC Burbank
  3. Santicos White House San Antonio
  4. Wellfleet Drive-In (Cape Cod)
  5. AMC Century City Los Angeles
  6. AMC Disney Springs Orlando
  7. Cinemark Tinseltown El Paso
  8. AMC Porter Ranch Los Angeles
  9. AMC Thoroughbred Nashville
  10. Cinemark Houston

No Dropped -58% in its sophomore frame to finish in second place with $18.5 million from 3,807 theaters. This is a sharp drop compared to Jordan Peele’s prior title, We (2019), which experienced a -53% drop in its second weekend. No It has now grossed $80.5 million in its domestic release.

No It is one of five Universal titles to be ranked in the domestic top ten this week. Minions: The Rise of Gru In its fifth weekend, it finished fourth with $10.8 million from 3,579 theaters. minions The sequel has now grossed $710.3 million in global gross of $320.4 million domestically and $389.9 million overseas. The overseas markets are led by the United Kingdom ($39.9M), Mexico ($35.1M), Australia ($27.5M), and Germany ($23.3M). Universal’s black phone In its sixth weekend, it ranked 8th with $2.5 million from 1,638 theaters. The horror title is now worth $83.1 million domestically and $58 million overseas for a global haul of $141.1 million. Top foreign artists include Mexico ($15.2M), the UK ($5M) and France ($2.9M).

The last two spots on this week’s chart are divided by Universal Jurassic World: Dominion$2 million in its eighth frame with ninth place, and ‘Focus Features’ (the specialty arm of Universal) the revengeWhich garnered Dhanush of $1.75 million from 998 theatres. dominion grossed $369.4 million in North America, out of reach for Match Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom$417.7 million home runs. The film has grossed $573 million overseas to gross $942.5 million globally. China is the leader in all overseas markets dominion With $156.6 million.

Thor: Love and Thunder Finished third in its fourth weekend in North America, surpassing the $300 million benchmark with takes of $13 million from 3,650 places. The film’s performance seems to be stabilizing this weekend with a -42% drop, improving on the fourth weekend’s decline Kali Mai (44%) and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (-50%). The fourth installment of the Thor franchise has already passed the first two films of the series-Thor ($181M) and Thor: The Dark World ($206M)—and on track Thor: Ragnarok ($315M) at the domestic box office. At this point in the release, Ragnarok grossed $277 million in North America, behind about 8% love and need This is the time.

abroad, Thor: Love and Thunder It is currently the sixth highest-grossing Hollywood export of the year with $361 million. Globally, the film has grossed $662.4 million without a release in China or Russia. Top international markets include the United Kingdom ($37.3M), Australia ($27.3M), Mexico ($26M), South Korea ($22.6M), Brazil ($20M), France ($17.7M), India ($16M), Germany Huh. ($15.1M), Indonesia ($12.4M), Argentina ($10.1M), Spain ($10M), and Italy ($9.7M).

where the crowdads sing Dropped a modest -27% in its third domestic weekend with $7.5 million from 3,526 screens. The title has now grossed $53.5 million domestically and $8.7 million from 4 overseas markets. The UK leads the way in international releases with $4.1 million cum.

Top Gun: Maverick It hit the $650 million mark at the domestic box office, drawing $8.2 million from 3,008 locations in its 10th frame, a 20 percent drop. The film’s global run of $671 million adds up to an impressive $1.32 billion global total.

title weekend estimate place PSA Qum Week distributor
DC League of Super Pets $23,000,000 4314 5,331 $23,000,000 1 Warner Bros.
No $18,550,000 3807 4,873 $80,583,425 2 universal
Thor: Love and Thunder $13,075,000 3650 3,582 $301,522,269 4 Disney
Minions: The Rise of Gru $10,880,000 3579 3,040 $320,410,625 5 universal
top gun maverick $8,200,000 3008 2,726 $650,103,700 10 of great quality
where the crowdads sing $7,525,000 3526 2,134 $53,526,201 3 Sony
elvis $5,830,000 2901 2010 $129,000,707 6 Warner Bros.
black phone $2,500,000 1638 1,526 $83,119,245 6 universal
Jurassic World Dominion $2,080,000 1747 1,191 $369,492,845 8 universal
the revenge $1,750,000 998 1,754 $1,750,000 1 Focus Features
Mrs. Harris goes to Paris $930,000 871 1,068 $6,754,690 3 Focus Features
Claws of Fury: The Legend of Hanko $750,000 2167 346 $16,831,831 3 of great quality
everywhere together $650,000 1490 436 $68,848,470 19 A24
Marcel the Shell with Shoes On $602,300 821 734 $4,101,245 6 A24
Chhalla Mud Ke Nahi Aaya $490,000 70 7,000 $490,000 1 Rhythm Boys Entertainment
Ek Villain Returns $287,000 210 1,367 $287,000 1 independent
light year $239,000 470 509 $117,829,710 7 Disney
love fire $151,262 191 792 $525,590 4 neon rated
VR / Vikrant Rona $114,000 150 760 $114,000 1 Sarigama Cinemas
detective vs sleuth $113,000 60 1,883 $113,000 1 independent
Resurrection $92,700 97 956 $92,700 1 IFC Films
hallelujah $53,947 63 856 $333,607 5 Sony Pictures Classics
the bad guys $28,000 173 162 $96,699,280 15 universal
a love song $18,702 4 4,676 $18,702 1 Bleacher Street
sharp stick $18,317 2 9,158 $18,317 1 Utopia Media
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness $13,000 50 260 $411,303,883 13 Disney
medusa $2,181 3 727 $2,181 1 music box films
bob’s burger movie $1,000 15 67 $31,931,857 10 20th century studio

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