Weekly Horoscope for each zodiac sign August 1 – 7, 2022

Welcome to your weekly horoscope reading, and let’s hope for a good one for all the signs of the zodiac. We stand to reap the rewards of our efforts this week, so hopefully those efforts are made wisely.

This week seems to be touching money and employment at times. Transit works for us in such a way that no matter how many obstacles stand in our way, we will be able to understand our surroundings. For example, if we are given the choice of what to do in terms of finance, we need to do the ‘right thing’.

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There are some opportunities coming up this week, including making money on the fairway and making money through theft and dishonesty. We, humans, have been known to walk shady roads in our lifetime, and the stars are determined to learn the lessons of diligence and honest dealing.

This week has brought beautiful results for those playing in the rule book. There is a promise of results for those who stray from this path.

For starters our main influencers are Moon opposition Neptune, Moon trine Pluto, Mars Uranus and Moon opposition Jupiter. These events will bring us to the center of our delusions, where we will find ways to help ourselves.

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