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On Thursday morning, the communication planet Mercury enters Virgo, where it can effortlessly express its analytical, detail-oriented side. Problems that have gone unnoticed at your workplace become impossible to ignore; Any dissatisfaction in your relationships cannot be eradicated anymore. It’s easy to spin a romantic, big-picture story about the course of your life, but right now, don’t neglect the details. While Mercury is in Virgo, you can clearly see what is going well and what is wrong or what is not. Instead of pretending that these things don’t matter or that they are too insignificant to be fixed, you can take action to fix them. You’ll be glad you did.

You’ve been struggling lately with the notion that you don’t deserve to be loved. Before anyone can really take care of you, you imagine, you have to complete an enormous amount of inner work; Before you can share your life with others, you must first become perfect in yourself. But it puts so much unnecessary pressure on you. Although working on yourself is valuable, perfection is not a reasonable expectation. Close relationships are not a prize you win for getting rid of all flaws. Instead, intimacy can aid in the process of growing and healing. Other people can show your best self back to you and make you feel completely alive, in the end.

Sometimes, you experience anxiety when you’re forced to be braveā€”to stand up for yourself, to admit to a deeper feeling, or to take a bigger professional risk. For – prevents you from doing so. You tell yourself you’re getting smarter by playing it safe, so things don’t work out in your favor anyway. But by refusing to act, you also give up amazing possibilities. Furthermore, you deprive yourself of the major thrill of acting boldly. Even if your risks were never over, they would still be worth taking, if only as a way of reminding yourself that you always have the power and freedom to take action.

This week, you may experience a particularly strong sense of perfectionism. The relationships that were once maintained are suddenly insufficient; The creative projects that thrilled you last week are revealing all their flaws and flaws. What is important in this moment is to remember that you cannot do everything at once. If you pay attention to the little troubles, you’ll have less energy left to charge further; If you want to continue to boldly move forward, you have to let go of some details. Any strategy can be good. Just know that you have to choose.

You are perceptive, good at reading between the lines. Just by paying careful attention, you can usually tell what people want, what they think of you, what feelings are simmering beneath the surface. But no matter how clever you are, or how many times your observations turn out to be correct, there will still be instances when you get it wrong. This week, it’s important to remember that you don’t know everything. Sometimes, the only way to better understand the ones you love, to reach the truth, is to ask and really listen.

You may be surprised to learn that dreaming big doesn’t come naturally to everyone. It requires a special combination of audacity and imagination, and a willingness to look beyond the monotonous, limiting problems of pragmatism. You have a rare gift for coming up with thrilling new ideas, based on your belief that everyday life should be wonderful, not monotonous. However, this week you will benefit from attending to the less appealing components of your thoughts. Right now, dealing with the details won’t spoil you and your plans. Rather, it will help you bring them into the real world, to really make the life that you have been dreaming of.

It is difficult to be generous with others when your own possibilities and place in the world are insecure. It feels risky to share when you worry that there isn’t enough to go around; When you’re afraid that people around you will behave selfishly, it’s tempting to hoard what you have. However, generosity this week will make your life easier and your relationships stronger. It will remind you how great a community can be. Even if you don’t fully believe it’s wise to give your time, resources, or energy right now, try anyway. You will be surprised to know how much you will get in return.

It strikes you that everyone has become needlessly cynical and eager to find fault with everything and everyone, even with the universe itself. They may not be criticizing you personally, but it’s hard not to be defensive. Of course, you don’t have to tolerate meanness. Just remember that sometimes criticism comes not from a lack of love, but from its abundance. What seems like outright blasphemy at first may actually be an attempt to make things better. And you can follow his example: You can fight for everything you deserve.

This week you have permission to stop trying to persuade others to the best of your ability. You might think that if you make a strong enough case, if you come up with the right combination of words, you can convince someone who doesn’t care about you to change their mind. In fact, it is rarely effective. Either they see how special you are, or they’ll never see that. Better use of your time is to work on proving it Self – As you love and believe in yourself, like you know you deserve to be here, because you do.

Lately, your future seems so uncertain that it’s already tempting to give up, to believe that happiness is beyond your grasp even before you arrive. The safest move, you imagine, is to keep expectations low. But this week, nothing good can come of anything from settling for mediocrity, limiting your imagination to settling for viable but unmotivated. Amazing things are possible, but only when you aim for the true desire of your heart. You won’t get exactly what you want (we rarely do in life), but this quest will change you and your life for the better.

You can find countless reasons to be sad and fearful these days; Disappointment shadows you at every turn. Your friends try to please you, often with limited success. Happiness seems inappropriate when so many people are suffering. You know you are more than justified in feeling sadness and fear. But no matter how natural your feelings are, you still need to find ways to continue to struggle to live. If joy isn’t filling you up right now, try resolution or anger instead. You can find amazing power in your determination not to let yourself be defeated.

When luck is scarce and you can’t catch the break you need, retreating into fatalism and despair may be your best or only option. but it’s not like that. You can refuse to accept the whims of the universe as final, refuse to accept the fight to improve your life and society. There are ways to create your own power, your own destiny. Not through amulets and magic, but through association with a group of people. This week, there is a lot to feel pessimistic, but when you gather with others, when you believe in your power to do great things together, that’s when your luck starts to change.

A part of you struggles to believe in your work (and yourself) until the others signal their approval. External validation allows you to love and believe in yourself. what’s more, it seems Good To drown in the heat of praise. This is not a bad thing; You don’t need to deny yourself life-affirming conversations. But the goal of this week is just to remember that you don’t need them. You are amazing, you are brave, you are living your life in the best way possible, and it will be true whether anyone tells you so or not.

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