Weekly love horoscope for August 1 – August 7, 2022

The week begins on the heels of the Uranus North Node union in Taurus, which began a new cycle of freedom over restriction.

Following this theme, Astrology Ahead is designed to help you break free from the restrictions of your past So that you can start embracing not only the present moment but also the future.

This may include the dynamics of some change, if not the end of a relationship, then the conclusion of certain aspects.

The end is never something one waits for, but it is an occasion to celebrate.

While you may end a relationship, a dynamic within it, or even an old belief about love, means that you have grown, learned and are ready to do better. .

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It’s behind this week’s energy; You’ve learned a lot of romantic lessons lately, and when that happens, those lessons start to look like different choices in your own life.

This doesn’t mean you know everything or know exactly what the next step is, but it’s enough to just know what no longer resonates with you.

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