Westworld Fidelity Recap: Season 4 Episode 6

Caleb, in a hospital gown, crawls away from a white drone host through an aisle.

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“I only know what I tell me.”

Caleb has a particularly grim picture on Westworld for an article titled Final Identity Crisis

This short, surprising line of dialogue is spoken by caleb (Aaron Paul) to Caleb (still Aaron Paul), the two—along with several other Calebs—are in a unique hell in “Fidelity.” He has already faced the devastating news that he failed to stop Hale (Tessa Thompson) from taking over the world. 23 years agoBut things take a turn for the worse when he is revealed to be a host who hasn’t achieved fidelity to truthHe’s starting to mess up.

Hale has been bothering to make the last 277 copies of Caleb as he is desperate to learn how he was able to resist the parasite that controls his mind, thus becoming the first outlier. Her hope is that if she detects it, she can prevent outliers from “infecting” their hosts and causing them to commit suicide. When he was human, Caleb taunts Hale, claiming that she knows how to break free from his control, so all she has to do is wait until she learns the answer, more Keep making Caleb.

Hal tells her all this in his cell, bringing a comically large hourglass to signify his early demise. She also tells him that her daughter Frankie (Aurora Perrineau) is alive, leading Caleb to tears of heartfelt joy, a moment Paul acts powerfully, even as Hale taunts her. Even after he has slipped one of his hosts into Frankie’s outright rebellion. After Hale leaves, the opaque windows in his cell are cleared, and Caleb suffers another painful blow—he’s not alone. Many other host versions of themselves occupy similar cells, and they are all in different stages of separation.

It is the first of many amusing and unnecessary moments in Caleb’s “Fidelity” when he is forcibly reminded that he is no longer human. But luckily, a particularly disgraced version of Caleb gives us a clue as to why Caleb needs more time, so he examines the hourglass and finds a small cartridge in it, which would have ejected it. so that he appears to be dead. One of Hale’s drone hosts hits the termination button, causing jets of fire to erupt from the ceiling. The only escape is through a lattice on the floor… which mysteriously holds a small arrow, indicating how the grate should be opened.

Caleb has a particularly grim picture on Westworld for an article titled Final Identity Crisis

screenshot, HBO

When Caleb escapes, he falls into a pile of bones and ashes – clearly the remains of Caleb who was not so lucky. As he travels through the bowels of the Olympiad Entertainment Building, he begins to see signs that he is not the first Caleb to have made this exact part. There are traces of ashes on one wall, where a previous Caleb hung himself. after a Fighting with a drone host, he finds a bloody handprint on the wall, indicating that Caleb had already experienced the exact same brawl, and probably received the same wound.

But nothing is more terrifying than the horrifying scene Caleb gets after crawling into the vent. There is a dying Caleb from an opening, and when our Caleb looks down at it, he sees a giant drop on the ground with the bloody corpses of two other Calebs who were so desperate to escape that they risked the drop . Luckily, the dying Caleb has an idea – to act as a human cushion so that our Caleb can keep from falling. It’s a sacrifice, but the two Calebs unite to contact Frankie. They fall. Our Caleb lives. The second Caleb dies horrifyingly. And finally, Caleb makes it to the roof of the building, where he uses the radio of a construction elevator to send an audio message to Frankie.

It takes no genius to know that Hal planned Caleb’s escape; Had many previous Calebs taken the same path, Hale would have figured it out before Caleb reached #278. Surely he must have searched the building high and low to make sure he hadn’t actually been freed. But it is only after giving her message to Caleb, when Hale appears, holding the cartridge she had apparently left behind in the hourglass, and says she waited long enough for him. so that he can listen to the message in the hope that there will be some signal in it. it is not so Hale breaks Caleb’s neck and creates a new Caleb host.

If you think about it for more than a minute, it doesn’t make sense. Why did Hell make Exodus so elaborate? If everything had to be exactly like this for Caleb to send a message to Frankie, does that mean she was making copies of Caleb specifically to stay in other prison cells in order to get her out and get him? Can the cartridge be given a clue? Did she put the other Calebs there, or was she intentionally laying corpses around the building and leaving them to find her? Also, why did Hale allow this to happen in the real world instead of in simulation, saving precious time and resources?

I didn’t care about these questions in the slightest when watching “Fidelity” because again, it was awful, and I only partially care about them now. I can always shake a hand done by When it’s fun. What bothers me more is that the two flashback scenes are awkwardly crammed into the episode. The first is young Frankie skinning his knee and refusing to walk on it. Caleb gives him a loud talk, where he reveals incredibly On the way he managed to resist Hale’s flies: “You know what kind of person can’t be beat? The kind that doesn’t give up. ,

Caleb has a particularly grim picture on Westworld for an article titled Final Identity Crisis

screenshot, HBO

The second stars young Frankie, after Hale takes over the world, with his mother in search of the young Outlier Jay. After they escape, Frankie says something about how Jai could be her new brother, which Jai angrily denies, Lost his real brother to Hale’s outlandish rivalry.

Cut to the present day Frankie and Bernard (Jeffrey Wright) head to the desolate remnants of Mobworld to revive Maeve (Thandive Newton). Frankie is skeptical when Bernard reveals how much he knows about repairing hosts, and is even more skeptical when Bernard somehow learns that Mobworld’s rooms can also scan Frankie’s room to capture someone’s data. Were able to scan immediately. However, she still wants to recreate Maeve because she recognized him from long ago, when Maeve came home to warn her family to hide. If anyone knows what happened to her father, Frankie thinks, it must be Maeve.

When the other rebels join them in Mobworld, Jay (Daniel Wu) announces that Hale knew they were coming, and that he one of them is a traitor, Frankie immediately shot Bernard, Who is he The minute Bernard took his scanned data, which could be used to create a host version of him, judged as a host. (Bernard’s reason for copying: “It’s complicated.” Ah.) However, she wishes both Bernard and Stubbs to at least live long enough to meet Maeve, much to Jay’s displeasure. some. This leads Bernard to later tell Frankie that one of the returning rebels is one of Hell’s hosts, but he doesn’t know either way which one it is. It’s Jay, as Frankie realizes when he says something about her being like a brother to him, thanks to his already ham-fisted flashbacks. They have a big fight, and the reawakened Maeve kills J and saves Frankie at the last second. End.

Still, “Fidelity” is an effective epilogue to the classic. done by The mind-fuck-one of Caleb’s story is so good that the rest of me no matter what’s going on with Christina™ is delayed for another week (or more). But there are only two episodes left and the world is still under Hale’s thumb, Caleb’s nonfunctional, Christina probably Dolores but her memory is erased, and Bernard still isn’t telling anyone what the plan is. . Season four has improved markedly compared to the previous season, but it’s the right time done by picks up speed.

Caleb has a particularly grim picture on Westworld for an article titled Final Identity Crisis

screenshot, HBO

Mixed Music:

  • Bernard specifically mentions that Hel has one of those mega-simulators, leading me to be pre-smug about my belief that Dolores is in it, the Hell-controlled people in the real world. generates stories for.
  • You’re telling me there is technology that can remotely find people who break free from Hel’s mind control, but there’s no test that can differentiate between a host and a human? Like, shouldn’t everyone involved in the rebellion go through a metal detector from time to time?
  • How can drone hosts hear someone blinking, but even with a map that detects outliers, they seemingly can’t tell them apart?
  • How did Hale know that rebels were coming to town if he hadn’t replaced Jay yet? And is it meaningful to the narrative or just a plot? you can never really tell done by,
  • One of Caleb’s memories is of a walk with his daughter on a farm—and it seems Onealmost exactly as Mae’s memory of her is often depicted Walking in the field with daughter. Is this just a parallel, or has some of Mew’s data made it to Caleb’s core?
  • Do the nurses actually eat their patient’s pudding while unconscious, or was Caleb’s future wife just a monster of the highest order?

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