What are the requirements to get one?

PRACTICE – To obtain social housing, the main criterion is the level of household resources. Other criteria may influence the more or less rapid allocation of social housing.

In 2021, according to the , the social housing stock represented 5.2 million homes, which is equivalent to 15.6% of the main residences in the national territory. This figure may seem high, but since the number of applicants is also very high, it is not always easy to obtain social housing. A situation that the rise in inflation and therefore the cost of living should not improve, especially since social landlords could also be.

However, these social landlords should continue to invest, like Action Logement, which is launching a campaign to transform offices into housing. Be that as it may, in order to obtain social housing, it is obviously necessary to apply for it in advance. Among the criteria to be respected, the fact of being of French or foreign nationality that can justify a regular presence in the territory. The request for social housing can be submitted to various organizations: social landlords, city council, prefecture or even Action Logement if you are an employee of a company that collaborates with this organization.

The resource ceiling, a key element for obtaining social housing

Of course, not everyone can qualify for social housing. In fact, this type of housing is reserved for people whose modest income makes it difficult to access housing. Therefore, it is advisable not to exceed a certain limit of resources per household to claim obtaining social housing. HLM rentals are financed with the rental loan for social use (Plus housing). The income cap varies based on the number of people in the household and your geographic location.

For example, for a couple with two children, the ceiling is set at €56,878 in Paris and its inner suburbs, €52,326 in the rest of Île-de-France, and €40,985 in other regions. For a single person, these limits are 24,316 euros throughout the Île-de-France region, including[…]

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