What notes for the new show by Léa Salamé in the second part of the evening?

Léa Salamé in “What a time!” on France 2 Saturday September 24, 2022. Screenshot / France 2

Hearings on Saturday, September 24, 2022 for programs broadcast in the first and second part of the evening.

On Saturday night, in the first part of the evening, France 3 won with the retransmission of the film for television. The mysteries of the choir. Approximately 4.2 million registered viewers, or an audience share of 22.5%. TF1 follows. The continuation of the battles of “children’s voicesit attracted 2.9 million followers and 15.2% of the public. France 2 which launched “100% logic”, Cyril Féraud’s new game you can be satisfied. The driver was able to count on 2.65 million fans and 14.9% audience share.

In the second part of the afternoon, Léa Salamé launched her weekly talk show “What a time!”. Exit. They were around 1.1 million curious, or 17.4%. For comparison, the first issue of “We are live” by Laurent Ruquier, issued on September 26, 2020, attracted just over 800,000 people and a market share of 13.3%. The last number, on April 2, was followed by 1.1 million viewers and 15% of the public.

Audiences of the first part of the evening on Saturday, September 24

TV show France 3
The mysteries of the choir

4,178,000 spectators

tf1 tv show
children’s voices

2,861,000 viewers

TV show France 2
what a time!

2,647,000 viewers

TV show France 5
close call

1,128,000 spectators

M6 TV show
Living on a dream island, the French taste adventure in the sun

842,000 viewers

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