When will employers participate?

Nearly one in two French employees would like to telecommute more often to avoid travel-related fuel costs, according to a study last April by Citrix, a US provider of collaborative work solutions. We imagine they will be even more numerous since last spring, when the price increases at the pump are one after another!

But if fuel prices skyrocket, we now know the same will apply to future gas and electricity bills. Will telecommuting still be so attractive then? Yes: only 16% of those surveyed currently planned to telecommute less, even if their heating bill was getting higher. Symbol of purchasing power, it is the fuel that crystallizes worries. However, “84% of French employees would like their company to compensate them for fuel and/or energy costs when they telecommute, in the form of a salary increase or compensation”, specifies Sophie Troistorff.

And the phenomenon is international: 65% of British employees, 68% of Australians and 74% of Americans share the expectations of the French that their employer partially cover these costs. Why so much unanimity? “Some large companies have started real estate rationalization programs with reductions in office space ranging from 20 to 30%,” says Sophie Troistorff. “A distribution of these savings” seems expected by many employees. (…)

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