Which NHL organization would you call home? (only wrong answer)

Last week WiiM employees were standing around the water cooler trying to find anything NHL-related to talk about. eventually, Thanks to Pierre-Luc Dubois He’ll Play in Montreal Instead of WinnipegWe got our way, “Which NHL organization would we like to be a part of? You can’t say Detroit.” After chewing through the possibilities, many of us came up with a few answers. I guess we all assumed we would do this as EA NHL players, but there was a possibility that you should consider other positions as well. We also considered at least four factors:

  1. crew
  2. organization
  3. city
  4. fanbase

And keep in mind, if this sounds like a fun exercise, we’re a hockey blog and it’s August. And we’ve played ‘Be a Pro’ in the EA NHL quite a bit and constantly reset the game until the team got drafted, like, we’ve all played this game. And we’re a hockey blog and half the time we’re pretending to be a general manager anyway. So without further ado, here are some of our employees’ reactions:

Mike: The easy answer for me would be to say Minnesota since I already live there, but I think Kaprizov hides some C+ management in St. Paul. If I think a little harder, there are better options for me.

No, I’ll need to live and work in a place that feels a little more like home, I guess, to really get rid of the shock of being in employment of an NHL franchise. A place that reminds me a bit more of a secluded strip of highway between Flint and Lansing, the type of town where everyone is at a high school game on Friday nights because there’s nothing better to do. A town where teens hang out in meager parking lots, dream of seeing Lake Michigan for the first and last time this summer, and take part in a drive-your-tractor-to-school day. It seems like everyone says this city sucks (most of the time it comes from the city itself), and your deepest fear is that they’re right.

So naturally, I want to play in Winnipeg. Sure, media coverage would be useless, and do something. But it fills a bunch of boxes for a better work environment than an organization where Jeremy Jacobs signs your checks. A team of players that I don’t actively hate? the inspection. Solid organization with strong drafting? double check. Uniforms That Aren’t Coyotes? Thank God. The lovable, boring misfit town with confidence issues who lives for the game? Absolutely. Maybe they even have a drive-your-tractor-to-the-rink day.

Sarah: I would like to be part of the Minnesota Wild. I’m not worried about winning, although I think it’s okay to win. Just constantly losing will not be enough. I don’t know much about the Minnesota fanbase, but I think they have some, and they probably have some annoying media people like everyone else does, but I think I can play for Wild without being constantly criticized. Could and just kind of vibe.

Play for the wild when I am not playing, live in the wild and become a forest monk. Plus, I can live with their logo and colors every day. Why not?

Jeff: I would choose Colorado. From an organizational standpoint, he has a victorious pedigree with plenty of legends about who has walked through those arena doors and stepped on that ice. The city of Denver is beautiful, and I love skiing, so this would be perfect. Not to mention, the fanbase is just as passionate as anyone in the league. Seems like a perfect fit to me, although this choice was definitely more difficult than I anticipated.

relay: Look, I know their social media team is the laughing stock of the constant (and rightfully so) stung by every other social account and fan in the NHL. But it doesn’t matter how great a city Nashville is. I’m a sucker for Nashville barbecue and downtown Nashville is a great place to be at night. Paired with City is a passionate fanbase who is as loud as just about anyone in the NHL. Is the catfish thing a little goofy? Sure, but they fall behind their team, especially in the playoffs, which, they have made in 15 of the last 18 seasons, just five years after the birth of the franchise. And above all, I love their sweaters and I think they are one of the best in the whole league.

not a word: If I were an NHLer who couldn’t play for my beloved Red Wings, the only real easy answer is in Seattle where you benefit from being close to Canada, but not in the crosshairs of their media market and playing in front of a fan. It just makes me happy to be there and in a state without income tax.

But it’s boring. Give me Boston and let me heal right in front of those massholes. Let me indulge myself in that toxic sludge by picking fights with each of my rivals and enraging the fanbase I hate… and then Detroit me with two middle fingers in the air and a full page newspaper ad Let me run in free agency. In the sports section of the Boston Globe that sums up everything that I was saying about Hubs & Leafs fans all those years, I also meant Bruins fans.

So those are our feelings on the subject. If you were part of an NHL team that wasn’t Detroit, which would it be and why?

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