will there be a season 4?

Season 3 of Astrid and Raphaëlle ends this Friday, September 23 on France 2 with an intense and moving episode. Will the policewoman and the criminalist, played by Lola Dewaere and Sara Mortensen, stack up for a new wave of investigations?

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This Friday, September 23 Astrid and Raphael You will complete the third chapter of your investigation. This particularly intense and moving finale is rich in spectacular revelations and sentimental twists. Which fuels the suspense about the future of the cop and the criminalist, perfectly pitched by Lola Dewaere and Sara Mortensen. Astrid and Raphael Will they meet again for season 4?

Astrid and Raphael (France 2): will there be a season 4?

Upon his return on August 26, Astrid and Raphael allowed France 2 to get on the audience podium. The first two episodes of this very successful season 3 it gathered 4.86 million followers, while the following achieved even better performances (5.2 million average). These scores largely justify France 2’s decision to start filming season 4 even before season 3 is broadcast. Since August 16, Lola Dewaere, Sara Mortensen (who returned to the scene of the kiss between Astrid and Tetsuo) and, therefore, the whole team is boxing the eight episodes of the fourth season of the series. A shoot that will take place until December 6 in Paris and the Parisian region…

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Season 4 ofAstrid and Raphael focused on personal matters

In this fourth chapter, Astrid will take a new big step, “opening up her universe to people other than Raphaëlle, who for her part will focus on her love problems” features Alexandre de Seguins, the co-creator and screenwriter of the series. As for the relationship of the two heroines, this season will be the season of maturity. “Among them, it is a communicating vessel system. Each one allows the other to find a balance, they are complementary. As they get to know each other better, they will move faster on this common path.” We are looking forward to exploring it with them, through investigations always mixing humor and esotericism, in keeping with the signature of this series as intelligent as it is fun. Who will welcome distinguished guests in this season 4, including tom villa Y Smy Bugsy.

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