Win $42 million of Ripple (XRP) for free: beware of the scam of the moment

A safe computer is a computer that is turned off. And yet… – This phrase by Bill Gates is perfectly adaptable to social network accounts. Not a day goes by without a Discord, Twitter, or even Instagram account being created divert. Security, whether for very small or giant projects, is essential. CoinDCX has experienced this… and the unfortunate topic of the day also concerns Ripple!

When the hacker promises Ripple, en masse

And when security is not absolute (can it really be?), the drama is coming. This is how the exchange lived Indian CurrencyDCX this start of the week, and even if they could take matters into their own hands, the potential damage could be astronomical.

In fact, the hackers managed to take control of the account. Twitter official platform and used it to post fraudulent links. fake sweepstakes ad XRP (Vibe)they used the net wisely.

By retweeting messages from official accounts such as that of the director general of ripple labsthey gave credit to their fake “donations” by showing a very clean storefront. They also took the time to respond to messages from subscribers.communicating other links, just as dangerous.

If the user fell for the trap, they risked losing all or part of their funds. The losses could be catastrophic, both for platform users and for CoinDCX, which you can see your reputation badly damaged.

More than 230,000 subscribers of the official account, hackers could expect a substantial profit. The platform has not released any figures at this time, but given the time needed to regain control of the account, the losses are expected to be substantial.

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Security restored, but with what consequences?

CoinDCX tried to warn its users through its other Twitter account CoinDCX cares, used for customer service. But with less than a tenth of the subscribers of the main account, there is no doubt that many users have undoubtedly missed the information.

The hack was reported by a company Twitter account PeckShieldspecialized in blockchain security.

It appears that the Twitter account of the Indian crypto exchange CoinDCX @CoinDCX has been compromised and used by the exploiter to share links to fraudulent $XRP GIVEAWAY “.

It took a handful of hours to regain control.

It’s difficult (if not impossible) to completely secure a social media account, because we know that hackers are always one step ahead. But, it is important to do as much as possible, with long and very complex (and preferably random) passwords, authentication with 2FAand above all vigilance at all times.

Avoid offers that are too good to be true like the plague and get into the habit of being healthy with suspicion. On the other hand, also learn to place reasonable trust in respectable and recognized players in the ecosystem. The FTX platform falls without a doubt into this second category. Come acquire and trade your first bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies. Sign up for FTX. You will benefit from a lifetime discount on your transaction fees (commercial link).

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