Windows 11, Microsoft Windows HDR Calibration Utility is available for download

If you have an HDR monitor, Microsoft offers a free calibration app. Called Windows HDR Calibration, it’s available to download now.

Offered through the Microsoft Store, Windows HDR Calibration offers to optimize the HDR content experience on a Windows 11 PC. It helps improve color accuracy and consistency while allowing you to customize the display of vivid colors for HDR and SDR content. standard). .

It offers three recommended test patterns to find the best settings. These tests are

  • The darkest visible details you can see.
  • The brightest details visible.
  • The maximum brightness of the screen.

Microsoft explains that the app also offers to adjust the color saturation of all content when HDR settings are enabled. The signature specifies

In some cases (especially with non-HDR certified displays), displayed content is sometimes brighter than the display’s maximum supported brightness or darker than the minimum supported brightness.

This causes a “clipping” effect that reduces detail in the highlights and shadows of a scene. Calibrating your display can improve your HDR experience in Windows by resolving these issues. Also, if you want your content to look more vivid when HDR is enabled, you can use the app’s Color Saturation menu to customize the color display on your screen.

To take advantage of this utility, your monitor must support this technology. Please note that some GPUs do not support this feature.

Windows HDR Calibration

Windows HDR Calibration

Here are the application requirements.

  • Windows operating system: Windows 11,
  • Monitor: HDR compatible (integrated or external display),
  • HDR: On
  • Application mode: the application must run in full screen

Graphics: Newer GPU (required for color saturation to work properly)


  • Radeon RX 400 and above,
  • AMD Ryzen Processors with Radeon Graphics,


  • core of 11the generation (Ice Lake) and newer,
  • DG1 graphics card or later,


  • GeForce GTX 10xx or later (Pascal+)

Graphics driver: WDDDM 2.7 or later

The app is available at Dischargefor Windows 11 users.

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