WWE Raw recap and reactions (August 1, 2022): Control the game like Janet

Hey! this is the first raw since summer Slam, Will Edge answer the questions? Is Becky Lynch a face now? And what’s up with Bailey, Dakota Kai, and Io Skye joining forces like Legion of Doom? Claire is watching too and no doubt she has the same questions. but since he blogShe really can’t say it all.

Yes I

lets talk raw,


IYO Sky vs Bianca Belair. How do we get here? WWE weaves the story rawThe first two hours build up to a match. First, when Becky Lynch hit in the ring raw started With a nice babyface promo. Becky adequately explained his evolution from The Man to the Big Time Back to the Man. And she thanks Bianca Belair for that change. Bianca hits the ring, the two hug, and Becky tells the winner to hold it down until she comes back with a different shoulder stroke. While Bianca grounded her glory and her respect for Becky didn’t even mention Bailey, IYO SKY, or Dakota Kai, the same three women attacked Becky in the backstage area. Bianca rushed to Becky’s rescue – in heels no less! -but it was too late.

After several matches and minutes, Asuka confronted Alexa Bliss. Bliss talked about climbing the ladder after leaving Dewdrop, and Asuka was her first rung. The match was fine but there was a chance for anything to happen but as Bayley, Dakota and IYO interrupted proceedings. Guess who’s in the ring in the very Fresh Jodi or Air Jordan 11 and is ready to fight?

Bianca followed the newly formed trio and challenged one of them to a match. IO accepted.

Both IYO and Bianca were about making each other feel for the women. IYO didn’t show her mastery on the skies, while Bianca didn’t show off her power as often as one might think. The worst moment was Bianca catching IYO’s Frankensteiner attempt and banging her head against a barricade.

It was at this very moment that the true purpose of the match manifested itself. Bayley and Dakota, who were already at ringside, stopped Bianca from throwing IYO back into the ring. Asuka and Alexa battled the odds as all six women toe. Bianca and Iyo wrestled a bit more but there was a lot of distraction.

Eventually, everything went haywire with the four women outside the ring fighting each other inside the ring, forcing the referee to ring the bell and ruling the match as a no contest.

While some might deny that both women’s matches this week are some form of DQ, the finish served a bigger purpose. Bailey’s crew wants control over this rawWomen’s Division. It makes sense to put your presence in every match on the card. Hitting every woman just to make an issue is important to him. And, to make it worse, he effectively put Becky out of commission after making her shoulder issue “worse.”

I’m feeling it all and can’t wait to see where it goes. Bianca is not a team player at all. Neither is Asuka nor Alexa for that matter. There is a good chance of seeing all three of them going against a legitimate stable. Can they get along? Will they get along? Which group of Baileys want Bianca’s championship? How violent will it be? Hopefully we’ll find answers to these and other questions.

Ciampa will survive

Once AJ Styles won his Triple Threat match against Mustafa Ali and The Miz, the winners for Ciampa, Dolph Ziggler, and Chad Gable were clear. The winner of each match received the right to wrestle each other. The winner of the face-off earned the right to face Bobby Lashley for the United States Championship.

While Ciampa vs Chad vs Dolph didn’t work as much for me as the AJ feature before, it was a solid case. The best moment was Chad and Dolph showing off their mat wrestling skills for a brief moment. Too? Weird Dolph came back for Theory and, so far, is doing nothing with Theory.

Anyway, Ciampa and AJ face Miz in Ciampa’s corner. And it was, of course, a very good match. It’s not so much a conflict style – no puns with these two, as it’s two vets who know each other really well because of scouting from afar. Rey dodges a Pele kick. AJ reverses Air Raid in a Styles Clash! Ciampa saw the phenomenal forearm coming and countered with a patent knee strike. If not for Miz, these two might still wrestle.

But Midge is one thing and he’s helped Ciampa several times. The biggest of the time came when the action hit outside. Ciampa throws AJ over the barricades in the timekeepers section. And guess who held AJ’s leg while the referee counted it? If you said “Maryse” then clearly your mind is not in the right place. Well, it is, but it’s the wrong time.

It was midge. It was Miz who held his leg and it was Miz who almost disqualified AJ. In the end, Miz’s presence elevated Ciampa, allowing him to attack AJ as Styles returned to the ring, ending the match with an ending of the fairytale kind.

Now we’re getting Ciampa vs Bobby Lashley for the US title. The words I found impossible to write after the last few months. But it was a solid story told through three matches of good wrestling with different tastes. It is a victory for all.

I believe it’s time for Lashley to move on from the US Title, so give me Ciampa as the champion. Please?


so style

AJ Styles showed me something new this week. At the end of this very good opening triple threat match, Ali hit The Miz with a 450 splash and jumped into the hands of AJ and Styles became the victim of a clash. Oh, and AJ said the Styles clash is right over The Miz. It was the perfect end to a great match.

Miz was troubled for most of the match by breaking some of his ribs summer Slam match. He did DDP tape work, so support him for that as it is always appreciated. Logically, this meant that AJ and Ali played anything you can do better than I can. And both men did their best to take each other out at different times and focus on the injured Miz.

The best example is Ali launching himself off the top rope and hitting AJ on the floor with a tornado DDT. Ali is so dope and so are the small samples. While AJ’s victory was never in doubt, it was actually a performance for Ali. And he, as usual, answered the bell. Great opening match for raw With lots of bets.

Who wants smoke now, Bioch?

Seth Rollins, who apparently doesn’t care that his wife was assaulted earlier in the night, was concerned about Riddle. The Street Profits, still licking their wounds after losing to The Usos, came to the rescue of their friend. Seth talks to his Ish, gives them the Joker to defeat, tells them to break up, and says that if it was just one of them, he’d probably fight. Well, the Profits took him up on that offer and decided to play a game of Paper, Rock, Scissors for the right to fight “Franklin” Rollins. Well, in a move sure to point to a break between friends, Montez basically said “nah,” grabbed the referee, and ran into the ring.

What followed was a spectacular match that was quick to prove that Drools could go with one of the best in WWE. His bruised ribs were the other part of the story, meaning that his usual high-impact offense caused him just as much pain as Seth. And finally came back to bite him.

Tej dodges Seth’s frog splashes and goes for himself. But he grabbed two knees of those hurt ribs. Rollins hit the blackout, or curb stomp, whatever they were calling it, and got the W.

He went for another post match but Angelo Dawkins came in favor of his partner. Mission accomplished on all fronts, fast. Unfortunately, this probably means we are one step closer to the benefits of walking and running on the opposite side of the block.

Judge not, less you be judged

The edge is back. Edge cut a nice babyface promo. Edge also apologized to the crowd for being “an asshole”, in his own words. Edge kept it simple: He’s here to end Judgment Day.

The only knock I have is that they didn’t use music and presentation summer Slam, But I will live

oh it’s not over

Edge was not done. The Usos defended their title against The Mysterios in this week’s main event. Joe…I found it strange. Sure, they won their summer Slam match, but they lost their tag match before that one. The only reason they had this space was for something at the end of the show either For a title change. As match one went, and it was a solid affair, it became clear that a title change was not in the cards. The Usos continue their reign – which is getting boring – and Judgment Day enters the ring for some good old-fashioned revenge. Music of Q Age. Rated R One interrupts the beat down and Rhea squeezes life with her thighs like Xenia Onatop from Mysterio. Cause… Cause… I want more.

Anyway, Edge vacated the house and set up Damien Priest for the spear. Pushing Dom in front of you just for Rhea. Edge showed no remorse for the accidental spear, and followed his former crew through the corridors.

Rey, who had previously noted his friendship and history with Edge, did not see Rhea pushing Dom, but Edge saw her spear. He seemed confused and undoubtedly upset that his old friend would do something so heinous.

I’m not sure this story needs this layer of drama as it already writes itself. But, here we are.

raw was a fun show This week. All matches were rough stakes, their latest grouping got some development, and the United States Championship looks like a big timing belt instead of just a prop. And we got solid, good, or good wrestling all night, with good promos. Not every match was perfect and I question whether they are overbooking beef between Judgment Day and Edge.

grade A-

This is my grade and I stick to it. your turn.

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