Yankees Add To Outfield With Bader-Montgomery Deal, Cardinals Deepen Rotation

Jordan Montgomery

As Tuesday’s deadline approached, the Cardinals took one last step to upgrade their rotation, acquiring the starting pitcher. Jordan Montgomery From Yankees to Outfielder Harrison Bader, In a day with complex trades and financial arrangements, it was a refreshing direct swap – a simple one-on-one trade to address each team’s short-term weaknesses, with no money or extra possibilities changing hands.

This deadline for the Cardinals was a dream to go into the dog days of summer john soto In the middle of the lineup, but given the packages Washington was looking for its franchise player, it was too much of a gamble for a team that improves in a careful, measured fashion. The Front Office had little time to grieve with less time at the Soto Sweepstakes and the very real possibility that neither steven matzo nor jack flaherty Will return to contribute this season, and though St. closed a deal with pirates joseph quintana And his fancy new makeover on Monday, needed more.

Montgomery suddenly found himself expendable in New York, thanks to frankie montaso Business, and his profile makes him a good fit for the Cardinals. A lefty sinkerballer, it wouldn’t be surprising to see him incentivized to ground the ball even more; He has had the best defensive left in baseball this year, playing to his strengths as a pitcher.

While Quintana is a free agent at the end of the season, the Cardinals are also to retain Montgomery for the 2023 season. And with Wainwright the team’s only other unsigned pitcher—though he hasn’t officially announced his retirement and will likely be automatically welcomed back—St. be less.

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The inclusion of Montgomery could reduce the pitching risk, but with another contender in the trade who wants a player who can now win games, the Cardinals are exposing their outfield position to new threats. Badr is a defensive star in the middle zone, and is at ease with Dylan Carlson slipping away, the team is likely now going to rely on a temporary timeshare in the middle lars notebari, John YepezAnd Brendan Donovan in the right area. This leaves the team with a thin outfield if Tyler O’NilloThe leg remains an issue, or his power does not return, or any other unpleasant surprise that tests the depth. St. Louis is calculating that the risk of not having a pitcher regularly reaching the fifth or sixth inning is more dangerous.

Yankees are off to a start louis saverino being kept, for his obvious concern, on the 60-day IL, making him ineligible for a return almost until playoff time. But for them, the 2022 season is now all about the playoffs, only to change their almost certain status of AL East champs with a collapse of legendary proportions, who keep first-round byes. They have four starting pitchers already scheduled for the postseason at Montas, gerrit cole, Nestor CortesAnd jameson talone, a healthy Severino made five, leaving Montgomery as the odd man. he’s a better pitcher than Sunday GermanBut in practical terms the difference matters little to the Yankees.

what does The thing for the Yankees is keeping the outfield healthy and intact for that post season. Aaron Hicks is still a valid center fielder, and Aaron Judge He has a far better glove than any right, but both have injury histories, and the Yankees would prefer him fresh for October and not play a more impressive defensive position. Bader’s abilities at center are just beyond being adequate, and with one year remaining on his contract at a reasonable price, he will enter 2023 as the team’s potential starting center fielder. “Dan,” you might say, “with” Giancarlo Stanton, Andrew BenintendiAnd Matt Carpenter“There’s too many players to take the time to play for it!” That’s the idea; there’s no reason for the Giants to play marathon baseball, but the result is all sewn up. Famous last words, I know .

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A potential problem for the Yankees is that Bader, as of now, sits on the injured list thanks to plantar fasciitis on his right leg, which has sidelined him since late June, and is still wearing a running boot. and will be for another week or so. This pushes a possible return in late August if not early September, but again, what matters most to New York is preparing it for the postseason, not between then and now. week of.

Both teams get what they wanted from this trade and leave what they think they can afford. It makes for a bad conduit for my snark, but it also means a solid tradeoff.

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