“You are going to make the transfer they requested as soon as possible”, the threat sent to Paul from Mathias’s cell phone.

the parisian reveals this Friday the content of a particularly threatening message sent to Paul Pogba from the mobile of his older brother, Mathias.

Mathias Pogba never stops being news. This Friday morning, the eldest of the Pogba brothers, placed in preventive detention, he made serious accusations about his little brother againthrough some thirty videos posted on his account Twitter through a bot. But that is not all. At the beginning of the afternoon, the parisian revealed the content of a long message WhatsApp sent to Paul Pogba from his mobile phone. And the least we can say is that this is particularly threatening as the 2018 World Champion is clearly being asked to pay money to various people to avoid retaliation, especially from the media.

“Otherwise, before God, I call Mbappé and all the media in the world. »

Part of the message sent to Paul Pogba

The message, which would have been transmitted a month before the media coverage of the Pogba affair, begins with explanations:Listen carefully. Today, we almost lost my life, me, mom’s (Mahamadou Magassa, former close friend of Paul Pogba also in preventive detention in this case) and the big red hornet (sic) compared to what you did to the little one the Team of France, is written for the first time. I know everything. Today, because of your selfishness and your cowardice, we are here.“, we can read at the beginning. Only then are the threats clearly expressed:Now, it’s very simple, you’re going to make the signing they asked for as soon as possible (…) If not, before God, I’ll call Mbappé’s daron and all the media in the world, I’ll tell them everything in detail. .Is Mathias Pogba the author of this message? At this point, it’s impossible to tell.

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