You can now rent clothes from Kiabi

After having tried renting maternity clothes for nine months last year, kiabi will extend the experience to all its customers in three stores: Noyelles-Godault in Pas-de-Calais, Pontet in Vaucluse and Bègles in Gironde, according to information on the site LSAThursday September 22.

“This time we want to see how it can be of interest to our customers, how long they keep it, what condition it will return in…” explains Adelaïde Vallée, Kiabi’s project manager, to our colleagues. If this rental service has already been offered in Noyelles-Godault since mid-August, it will be launched at the end of September in Pontet and the beginning of October in Bègles.

Four formulas are proposed: from five articles for 19 euros per month, to 20 articles for 49 euros, with two intermediaries, 10 articles for 29 euros and 15 for 39 euros. Attention, each store has a limit indicator: 100 subscriptions for each. Almost 98% of the store’s supply is available for rent.

“We wanted the most flexible and simple offer possible,” says Adelaïde Vallée. A customer who rents, for example, 15 items can earn 5 and change the type of subscription. On the other hand, she cannot keep the product by buying it. For one year, this test aims to centralize and pool returned products in order to rent them again or, failing that, sell them second-hand, give them away to associations or recycle them. “The interest for us is also to be able to manage ourselves (…)

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