Your Nest and Google devices can now tell if someone is in your home

Google now offers presence detection on its Nest devices to help automate certain routines in the rooms of your home.

Google Nest Hub 2nd generation
Google Nest Hub 2nd generation // Source: FRANDROID / Anthony WONNER

Google continues to update its Google Nest speakers and displays to give users more features. Now you can set your speakers to automatically detect your presence in a room.

This new feature was announced on Friday, September 23 by Google on Twitter. The firm shared the configuration screen for this option, in which we can read: “ Choose which devices will help with presence detection. Sensors in these devices can determine if someone is home, even if they are not a member of the household. “. Google then gives three examples: a loudspeaker Google Nest Minia Google Nest smoke detector and a thermostat Nest.

Has presence detection been improved on Nest devices? Yes please. ✨

Now, when you opt in to the feature, your Nest speakers and displays can better detect your presence through voice or touch and automate actions based on whether you’re home or away.

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—Made by Google (@madebygoogle) September 23, 2022

On an online page on their support siteGoogle details this feature and the sensors used to detect activity in a room.

Examples of uses

For example, for Google Nest thermostats, the business may use an occupancy sensor or a Soli-sensor – As the pixel 4. For Google Nest speakers or displays, this detection is done more prosaically, depending on whether a user will be interacting with the device by voice or touch. Finally, the last screen. Google Nest Hub it also benefits from a Soli sensor to detect human presence.

The idea behind this feature is to provide more precise features for routines or actions when presence in the room is taken into account. For example, if you have a second-generation Google Nest Hub speaker in your living room, its occupancy sensor can automatically turn on connected light bulbs in this room. For a thermostat, this feature can allow you to automatically increase the temperature when you are home. Within your Home app, Google actually automatically offers routines” at my place ” Y “absent» depending on your devices, to manage the various connected objects in your home.

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